Summer Korean Program

Complete an entire year of Korean study in only ten weeks! The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies offers an intensive, ten-week summer program in Korean. Our summer course is open to both University of Minnesota students and non-UMN students. For details and registration information, visit the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Summer Program page, and the Summer Korean Program subpage.

Study Abroad

The Learning Abroad Center (LAC) at the University of Minnesota offers a variety of learning abroad opportunities in Korea.

The TandemPlus Language Exchange Program

Students enrolled in Korean classes are encouraged to participate in a language partnership through TandemPlus, a language exchange program run by the Language Center. Students enrolled in TandemPlus meet weekly with a native speaker of Korean to practice conversation in Korean and English. The program is free, and students can participate in as many language partnerships as they like. The TandemPlus program is a great opportunity not only to practice conversational Korean, but to learn about Korean culture and to make new friends!

Korean Tutors

Korean tutors are available to students who are enrolled in beginning or intermediate Korean classes and need extra help outside of class. The tutors are students who have acquired an advanced proficiency in Korean language and are enrolled in the Korea Teaching Tutorial. This is a free service, and each tutor is paired up with a tutee and tutoring sessions are custom-designed for a tutee’s specific needs.