Chicano and Latino Studies Advisor

Marisela Rodriguez-Gutierrez 

Academic Advisor

33 Appleby Hall


As a Chicano and Latino studies major, you have two resources to help you plan your academic career and answer your questions and concerns: our department advisor and the CLA Student Services & Advising Offices. Both your CLA advisor and your Chicano and Latino studies advisor are here to assist you in reaching your academic and career goals in an appropriate time frame.

Keep in mind that Chicano and Latino studies students must complete all general CLA graduation requirements as well as major requirements in order to graduate. We recommend meeting regularly with both your CLA and major advisors to discuss your progress and catch any potential roadblocks as early as possible.

In order to declare a Chicano and Latino studies major or minor, you must schedule a 30-minute appointment with our undergraduate advisor, Marisela Rodriguez-Gutierrez. At this appointment, you will review degree requirements and complete the declaration paperwork.