Undergraduate Minor in Chicano-Latino Studies

Our Chicano & Latino studies minor focuses on the social, historical, and cultural experience of the Mexican and Latino populations in the United States from an interdisciplinary perspective. Courses in this curriculum examine the culture, literature, and history of Chicano and Latino people in the United States.

This minor will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and depth of understanding necessary to become a life-long learner. Because of its interdisciplinary focus, the Chicano & Latino studies minor also teaches students cultural competency and fosters appreciation, acceptance, and understanding of minority cultures beyond the Chicano and Latino populations. This cultural compentency, alongside the strong intellectual and critical foundation built in this minor, sets graduates up for sucess in a multicultural world.

The knowledge and skills gained through our minor program improve decision-making in a number of fields, including public administration, law, politics, public education, art, psychology, and a host of other professions. This minor is a particularly useful addition to students in majors where a minority affairs focus would be an asset.