BA in Chicano-Latino Studies

Our BA program is designed to meet the needs of students preparing for graduate school or for careers serving Chicano and Latino constituencies, such as public and business administration, marketing, public relations, education, politics, government and minority affairs, as well as careers in which a graduate would work in an international or multicultural environment in public service or the private sector.

This degree is also designed to prepare students for graduate and advanced professional study in programs in which a minority affairs focus would be an asset.

An interdisciplinary major

Chicano and Latino studies majors take courses offered in two broadly defined fields of study: humanities and the social sciences.

  • Humanities content includes courses designed to increase your awareness of Chicano and Latino culture, as well as intellectual, aesthetic, literary, historical, ethical, and human values
  • Social science content includes courses that analyze social institutions and how they affect the individual and that emphasize contemporary Chicano and Latino issues as they relate to the larger society. Areas of study include political science, anthropology, economics, sociology, and history.

Skills and knowledge

Among the strengths of the interdisciplinary Chicano and Latino studies major is a stress on furthering critical thinking and effective oral and written communication skills. These skills are developed across the department's curriculum.

Our coursework prepares you in an array of theories, methodologies, technologies, and teaching approaches that provide you with a thorough undergraduate and graduate education.

With a BA in Chicano & Latino studies, you will be prepared to enter graduate school or contribute to the advancement of the social, cultural, personal, and political well-being of your community as an educator, researcher, community leader, or community advocate.