Graduate Students

Recently Graduated Students

For a list of recently graduated doctoral students and their work, please visit Recent Dissertations. To learn more about their career opportunities and trajectories, please visit Job Placement.

Current Graduate Students

Name Specialty
A. Adams

Disability studies; rhetoric; critical cultural studies; performance writing/performance studies

Caroline Bayne Feminist media and cultural studies; film, television and media studies; media history; southern media studies 
Cate Bruns Environmental communication; critical media studies; water; knowledge transfer; journalism; climate change
Nou-Chee Chang                 Critical media studies
Noelle Craveiro  
Kristen Einertson Rhetorical studies
Rhetorical studies; critical media studies
Tausha Fristo  
Grace Geier Olive Rhetorical studies

Bill Heinze 

Rhetorical studies
Amy Joyer Interpersonal communication; interviewing; nonverbal communication; relationship repair and apology acts; communication development within child psychology 
Jack Lassiter Rhetorical studies
Shelby Limbach  
Critical media studies
Peter Ma  
Saumya Malhotra  
Alexa Mayerhofer  
Marceleen Mosher  Environmental communication; rhetorical studies
Vanessa Nyarko Critical media studies; media history; media, technology and culture; political economy of media; popular culture; feminist media and cultural studies; visual communication; political gossip and scandal
Sean Quartz Rhetorical theory and criticism; social movement theory; environmental communication; rhetoric of science; instructional communication
Nicole Rudisill

Organizational communication: feminist and gender studies; care theory; affect theory

Mark Schmutzler Rhetorical studies
Emily Scroggins

Southern studies; television and film; gender and sexuality studies; rhetoric and media studies

Michael Tahmoressi Critical media studies

Critical media studies; digital media & disinformation; gender and gun politics; nationalism

Sylvia Vue Interpersonal communication; organizational communication