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Undergraduate students looking for Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature or Studies in Cinema and Media Culture courses have a wealth of options that can satisfy multiple catalog requirements, including diversity credits and writing-enhanced curriculums. Whether you appreciate the anonymity of a large lecture hall or the intimacy of a smaller, discussion-based seminar, the department offers classes in multiple formats to meet your learning style.

Below is a list of courses offered by the Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature department in the present and upcoming semesters. Course descriptions in our ClassInfo database provide more in-depth information about courses, expectations, and workload to give you a realistic understanding about what you will experience in the course.

Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
CSCL 1001WIntroduction to Cultural Studies: Rhetoric, Power, DesireSections [1]
CSCL 1101WLiteratureSections [1]
CSCL 1201VHonors Course: CinemaSections [2]
CSCL 1201WCinemaSections [6]
CSCL 1202WMedia: Word, Image, SoundSections [6]
CSCL 1301WReading Culture: Theory and PracticeSections [3]
CSCL 1401WReading Literature: Theory and PracticeSections [5]
CSCL 1501WReading History: Theory and PracticeSections [2]
CSCL 3005Seminar in Critical ThoughtSections [1]
CSCL 3120Poetry as Cultural CritiqueSections [1]
CSCL 3122Movements and ManifestosSections [1]
CSCL 3130WColonial and Postcolonial Literatures and Theory: 1700 to the PresentSections [1]
CSCL 3210Cinema and IdeologySections [1]
CSCL 3212WDocumentary Cinema: History and PoliticsSections [1]
CSCL 3220WScreen CulturesSections [1]
CSCL 3221On TelevisionSections [1]
CSCL 3231Comedy: Media, Politics & SocietySections [1]
CSCL 3251Popular Music and Mass CultureSections [1]
CSCL 3323Science and CultureSections [1]
CSCL 3334Monsters, Robots, CyborgsSections [1]
CSCL 3350WSexuality and CultureSections [1]
CSCL 3351WThe Body and the Politics of RepresentationSections [1]
CSCL 3352WQueer Aesthetics & Queer CritiqueSections [1]
CSCL 3896Internship for Academic CreditSections [1]
CSCL 3993Directed StudySections [1]
CSCL 4993Directed StudySections [1]
CSCL 5305Vision and Visuality: An Intellectual HistorySections [1]
CSCL 5993Directed StudySections [1]
Course NumberCourse TitleSections
SCMC 1201VHonors Course: CinemaSections [2]
SCMC 1201WCinemaSections [6]
SCMC 1202WMedia: Word, Image, SoundSections [6]
SCMC 3201Fundamentals of Digital FilmmakingSections [1]
SCMC 3202Intermediate Digital FilmmakingSections [1]
SCMC 3210Cinema and IdeologySections [1]
SCMC 3212WDocumentary Cinema: History and PoliticsSections [1]
SCMC 3220WScreen CulturesSections [1]
SCMC 3221On TelevisionSections [1]
SCMC 3896Internship for Academic CreditSections [1]
SCMC 3993Directed StudySections [1]
SCMC 4993Directed StudySections [1]
SCMC 5002Advanced Film AnalysisSections [1]
SCMC 5993Directed StudySections [1]

Fall 2021

There are no CSCL courses available for Fall 2021.
Please see for more info.

There are no SCMC courses available for Fall 2021.
Please see for more info.