Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature

BA in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

The major in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature (CSCL) is a flexible and multidisciplinary BA program in the Liberal Arts. Our courses examine the ways global cultural and artistic practices reflect and transform modes of knowing, of feeling, of acting politically, and underpin conceptions of both individual and collective social identity. The CSCL curriculum covers a wide range of media and art forms, from literature, cinema, popular culture, music, and the visual arts. The department places a particular focus on the power of ideas; we like to think about how abstract questions in philosophy and theory address concrete problems in our material world. 

CSCL strives for a broad, international scope, and ranges widely across history and geography. We aim to produce critical, thoughtful, and well-rounded citizens prepared to work in a wide range of careers from media and journalism to academia, law, politics, medicine, nonprofit work in schools, libraries, archives, museums, and community organizations, to advertising, business, entertainment, and other creative fields. Many of our graduates are path-breaking intellectuals, artistic innovators, and committed participants in social struggles that will shape our collective future. 

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Minor in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

Students who are interested in CSCL courses, but are already committed to another major, may want to consider enrolling in the CSCL Minor. The minor is a highly flexible program that can enhance a number of majors across the university by adding liberal arts "street cred" (communication and writing skills; reasoning about ethical and social problems; cultural literacy; media literacy; independent critical thinking) to an existing major. To satisfy the requirements of the minor, you may choose from a wide variety of upper-division courses or "electives." 

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