Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature

The Department of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature encourages students to question, theorize, and analyze rhetoric and discourse across multiple disciplines. Our students study literature from across the globe and from various cultures as a set of complex connections and interrelations between texts and everyday life, ideas and the material world, discourse, and power.

Our courses immerse students in a range of literatures, discourses and histories, all with a critical emphasis on the philosophical and theoretical dimensions of our lives and the lives of others. See a list of courses offered this semester.

We offer two undergraduate programs in cultural studies and comparative literature: a BA and a minor.

BA in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

The cultural studies and comparative literature major strives for a broad, international scope, ranging widely across history, literature, media, and culture. Our central focus is on the various mechanisms through which value systems and individual and collective identities are continuously generated, challenged, and reinvented. The program’s goal is to produce individuals who are prepared to actively participate in the intellectual conversations and social struggles that shape our world today.

Students in the major explore areas of literary and cultural study, including the novel, poetry, film, media, sound, sexuality, and everyday life as they select courses from three of our four subfields:

  • Discursive practices and genres
  • Subjectivity and history
  • Ideologies and disciplines
  • Critical theories and methods

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Minor in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

The cultural studies and comparative literature minor complements and enhances a number of majors, with a flexible program easily tailored to your own interests.

Coursework for the minor provides students with the opportunity to critically engage various forms of expression–literary, cultural, historical, and musical, among many others–from a interdisciplinary standpoint. Students may choose from a variety of upper-division cultural studies and comparative literature courses of personal interest to satisfy their minor requirements.

A minor in CSCL helps you develop the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace today.

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