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Name Title Advisor
Ramses Armendariz Essays on Given Behavior and International Trade Kehoe
Bitmaro Kim The Welfare Effects of Sunday Shopping Regulation in Retail Markets Holmes
Martin Rostagno Essays on Banking and the Macroeconomic Effects of Financial Intermediation Amador, Kehoe
Boyoung Seo Essays in Industrial Organization Petrin
Ethan Singer Import Competition, the Value of Time, and Intermediation in Trade Holmes
Leiyu Xie Essays on Labor Market Frictions and Institutions Phelan, Rios-Rull


Name Title Advisor
Neha Bairoliya Essays in Labor and Health Economics Rios-Rull
Daolu Cai Essays in Trade and Labor Economics Kehoe
Sebastian Dyrda Essays in Macroeconomics with Heterogeneity Chari, Rios-Rull
Jingyi Jiang Essays on Macroeconomics Chari
Jiwoon Kim Essays in Macroeconomics of the Labor Market Rios-Rull
Jinyue Li Essays on Urban and International Economics Kehoe
Shihui Ma Essays in Macro and Labor Economics Guvenen
Keaton Miller Essays in Industrial Organization Petrin
Ruchika Mohanty Management Practices Werner
Cloe Ortiz de Mendivil Ribierre Essays on the Factor Content of Trade and Education Kehoe
Yun Pei Essays on Optimal Policy Without Commitment Chari
Thomas Quan Demand Heterogeneity: Implications for Welfare Estimates and Policy Holmes, Petrin
Jack Rossbach On the Predictability of Growth and Trade Kehoe
John Seliski Essays on Labor Market Frictions and Macroeconomics Kehoe
Marcelo Zouain Pedroni Essays on Market Incompleteness Phelan
Brian Zurowski Essays in Social and Behavioral Economics Werner