Name Title Advisor
Cristian Aguilera Arellano Essays in Labor Economics Guvenen, Lise
Mahdi Ansari Essays in Macroeconomics and Firm Dynamics McGrattan, Chari
Fil Babalievsky Essays in Macroeconomics Lise
Lejvi Dalani Essays on Decentralized Asset Markets Phelan, Karabarbounis
Dhananjay Ghei Why do couples retire when they do? De Nardi
Patrick Kiernan Essays on agriculture in macro-development Storesletten
Sang Min Lee Essays on International Trade, Growth and Development Amador, T. Kehoe
Paul Phillips A Tale of Two Recessions: Decomposing Import Patterns After 2020 and 2008 Amador, T. Kehoe
Joseph Pickens Essays in Labor Economics Rahman
Filip Premik Procurement with Bid Preference and Buyer's Switching Costs Petrin, Holmes
Hayagreev Ramesh Essays on International Macroeconomics Amador, T. Kehoe
Jorge Ramos-Mercado Essays on Dynamic Learning on Market Design and Dynamic Contracting under Limited Commitment Rahman
Nicolo Russo Essays on Household Health and Taxation De Nardi
Juyoung Yang Essays on Sovereign Bond Markets Amador, T. Kehoe
Jiheum Yeon Essays in Macroeconomics with Institutions Karabarbounis
Dan Yu The Value of Certification to Consumers: Evidence from the U.S. Organic Food Market Petrin


Name Title Advisor
Sergio Barrera Background, Beliefs and Economic Outcomes: How Family and Peers Relate to Beliefs, Early Pregnancy, Crime and Labor Market Outcomes De Nardi, Lise
Ross Batzer Essays on Income Taxation Chari
Maria Carreras Valle Essays on Trade under Uncertainty Amador, T. Kehoe
Joao Paulo Fonseca Rodrigues Essays on Land Markets and Development McGrattan
Stelios Fourakis Essays on Sovereign Debt with Information Frictions Amador, T. Kehoe
Yue Hua Essays on Macroeconomics and Labor Economics Karabarbounis
Tobey Kass Essays on Policies in Labor and Urban Economics Holmes, Lise
Egor Malkov Essays in Inequality and Public Economics Jones
Mark Ponder Essays in Industrial Organization Petrin
Peter Pusztai Essays in Bargaining in Networks Werner
Albert Raya Munte Essays on Inequality and Macroeconomics Amador, T. Kehoe
Samuel Wascher Essays in Market Microstructure Werner
Yuki Yao Essays in Macroeconomics McGrattan
Zhixiu Yu Essays on Macroeconomics De Nardi, Jones
Xiaohan Zhang Essays on Structural Change McGrattan
Yan Zhao Savings, Retirement Behavior and Required Minimum Distributions Phelan


Name Title Advisor
Shahid Ahmed Essays in Labor Economics Guvenen
Camilo Alvarez As Time Goes By: Essays on Maturity and Sovereign Debt Amador, T. Kehoe
Fernando Arce Munoz Essays on International Private Debt Amador, T. Kehoe
Samuel Bailey Essays on the Industrial Organization of Ocean Shipping Holmes
Victor Borges de Almeida Essays on Sovereign Debt Restructuring T. Kehoe, Amador
Han Gao Essays in Labor and Monetary Economics McGrattan
Sergio Marin Aranega The Economics of Traffic Congestion: A Quantitative Analysis Holmes
Amy Handlan Neff Text Shocks and Monetary Surprises Phelan
Jordan Pandolfo Essays on Bank Regulation and Risk McGrattan
Vitoria Rabello de Castro Value Creation and Competition in the Grocery Delivery Market Petrin
Conor Ryan Essays on Competition in Health Insurance Holmes
Agustin Samano Essays on the Accumulation of International Reserves Amador, T. Kehoe
Pedro Tanure Veloso Essays on Economic Misallocation Amador, McGrattan
Klevi Xhaxho Essays in Immigration Economics Jones
Yang Zhou Essays on International Trade T. Kehoe, Amador


Name Title Advisor
Brian Albrecht Information and Persuasion in Competitive Markets and Politics Rahman
Payam Alipour Information and Persuasion in Competitive Markets and Politics Rustichini
Job Boerma Essays on Macroeconomics and Fiscal Policy Jones
Jonathan Borowsky Applications of Demand Estimation to the Child Care Market Holmes
John Carter Braxton Essays on Macroeconomics and Labor Economics McGrattan, Herkenhoff
Adway De Essays on Nonlinear Environmental Dynamics and the Social Cost of Carbon Chari
Son Dinh Essays on Macroeconomics Chari
Carlos Esquivel Essays on International Economics Amador, T. Kehoe
Salomon Garcia Essays on Financial Intermediation and Taxation McGrattan
Sergiy Golovin Essays in Industrial Organization Petrin
Eugenia Gonzalez-Aguado Essays in Macroeconomics Chari
Shijun Gu Essays in Macroeconomics McGrattan
Mohammad Khani Essays on Banking Regulations Chari
John Kumcu Essays in International Trade T. Kehoe
Veronica Postal Essays in Urban Economics Holmes
Anthony Priolo Essays in International Economics T. Kehoe
Vladimir Smirnyagin Essays in International Economics Chari
Aradhya Sood Essays in Spatial Economics Holmes
Will Speagle Essays in Public Economics Lise
Isaac Swift Applications of Information Design to Finance, Politics, and Education Rahman
Xuan Anh (Monica) Tran Xuan Essays on Fiscal Policies in Open Economies Chari
Lichen Zhang Essays on Macroeconomics with Firm Heterogeneity T, Kehoe, Amador


Name Title Advisor
Serdar Birinci Essays on Governmental Transfers and Labor Markets McGrattan
David Bradley Essays on Immigration McGrattan
Guillermo Cabral Lassalle Essays on Public Economics Jones
Taylor J. Canann Essays in Applied and Computational Game Theory Werner
Marcos Dinerstein Madenfrost Essays on Government Policy and Productivity McGrattan
Keyvan Eslami Essays in Health Economics Chari, Jones
Elena Falcettoni Essays in Industrial Organization and Health Economics Holmes
Sora Lee Essays on International Economics Amador, T. Kehoe
Keler Marku Robustness and Games with Linear Best Replies: Theory and Applications Rahman
Jorge Mondragon Minero Essays on Terms of Trade Amador, T. Kehoe
Emily Moschini Essays on Child Care Subsidies McGrattan
Vegard Nygaard Essays on the Macroeconomics of Health Care Amador, T. Kehoe
Sergio Ocampo Diaz Essays in Inequality and Heterogeneity Guvenen
Junghyun Oh Essays on Game Theory Rustichini
Fausto Patino Pena Essays on Governmental Policies and the Allocation of Resources McGrattan
Rafael Roos Guthmann Pricing and Imperfect Awareness Werner
Sergio Salgado Ibanez Essays in Macroeconomics Guvenen
Kurt See The Effect of Social Insurance Plans on Labor Markets McGrattan
Dominic Smith Towards a Better Understanding of Peer-Produced Structured Content Value Holmes
Jaroslaw Strzalkowski Essays on International Macroeconomics Amador, T. Kehoe


Name Title Advisor
Ignacio Campomanes Essays in Political Economy Chari
Mons Chan Essays in Trade and Productivity Petrin
Yinxiao Chu Information Acquisition and Revelation in Financial Markets Werner
Luis Diez Catalan Essays in Macroeconomics and Labor Economics Guvenen
Shiv Dixit Essays on Contract Theory and Institution Design Chari
Fatih Fazilet Essays in Financial Economics McGrattan
Joaquin Garcia-Cabo Herrero Essays in Labor Markets and Human Capital McGrattan
Parisa Jamalkamali Essays on Intermediation in International Economics Amador, T. Kehoe
Arun Kandanchatha Essays in Computation of Heterogeneous Agent Models Guvenen
Hyunju Lee Essays on International Finance and Financial Crises Amador, T. Kehoe
Weiwen Leung Essays in Behavioral Economics Rustichini
Marcos Marcolino Essays on Structural Transformation Jones
Kathleen McKiernan Schlehuber Essays on Social Security Reform: A Study of the 1981 and 2008 Chilean Reforms McGrattan
Robert Mrkonich Essays in Heterogeneous Agent Macroeconomics Amador, T. Kehoe
Thomas Phelan Essays on Dynamic Agency, Inequality, and Optimal Taxation Phelan
David Ruiz Critical Types in Dynamic Games Rahman, Rustichini
Matthew Shapiro Essays on the Market Impacts of Regulatory Regimes Holmes
Alexandra Solovyeva Essays in Macroeconomics Amador, T. Kehoe
Guillaume Sublet Essays in Macroeconomics and International Trade Amador, T. Kehoe
Dirk van Duym Essays in Water Economics Holmes
William Walsh Essays in Economic Sanctions McGrattan
Ming Xu Essays on Labor Market Dynamics McGrattan
Bora Yunn Essays on Macroeconomics Amador, T. Kehoe


Name Title Advisor
Joao Ayres Queiroz da Silva Essays in International Economics and Macroeconomics T. Kehoe
Zhifeng Cai Essays on Macroeconomics and Finance Chari
Simone Civale Has the Decline in the Price of Investment Increased Wealth Inequality? Guvenen
Richard Condor Essays in Financial Macroeconomics Amador, T. Kehoe
Daniela Costa Essays in International Economics and Labor Economics T. Kehoe
Kai Ding Essays in Macroeconomics Chari
Alexander Garivaltis Essays on University Portfolios Rustichini
Matthew Greenblatt Essays on Monetary Unions and Insurance Jones
Canhui Hong Essays on Sovereign Default T. Kehoe, Amador
Rocio Madera Holgado Essays in Idiosyncratic Income Risk Guvenen
Gajendran Raveendranathan Essays on Consumer Bankruptcy, Employment, Firm Dynamics, and Aging in the U.S. Amador, T. Kehoe
Maria Jose Garcia Rodriguez Essays on Flows of Capital and Labor Across Countries T. Kehoe
George Stefanidis Essays in International Financial Economics and Bank Regulation Amador, T. Kehoe


Name Title Advisor
Ramses Armendariz Essays on Given Behavior and International Trade Kehoe
Kailin Clarke Essays in Industrial Organization Holmes, Petrin
Bitmaro Kim The Welfare Effects of Sunday Shopping Regulation in Retail Markets Holmes
Rishabh Kirpalani Essays on Endogenously Incomplete Markets Chari, Jones
George Krivorotov Essays on Human Capital and Education Policy Guvenen
Gustavo Leyva Jimenez Essays on Unemployment and Job Search Karabarbounis, Rios-Rull
Zachary Mahone Essays on Human Capital and Inequality Rios-Rull, Jones
Radoslaw Paluszynski Essays on Information Frictions in Economics Amador, T. Kehoe
Filippo Rebessi Essays on International Economics and Policy Jones
Martin Rostagno Essays on Banking and the Macroeconomic Effects of Financial Intermediation Amador, T. Kehoe
Boyoung Seo Essays in Industrial Organization Petrin
Ethan Singer Import Competition, the Value of Time, and Intermediation in Trade Holmes
Kelvin Wong Living Together - Essays on Cohabitation Rios-Rull
Leiyu Xie Essays on Labor Market Frictions and Institutions Phelan, Rios-Rull
Pei-Cheng Yu Essays in Time Inconsistency Rahman


Name Title Advisor
Neha Bairoliya Essays in Labor and Health Economics Rios-Rull
Daolu Cai Essays in Trade and Labor Economics Kehoe
Sebastian Dyrda Essays in Macroeconomics with Heterogeneity Chari, Rios-Rull
Jingyi Jiang Essays on Macroeconomics Chari
Jiwoon Kim Essays in Macroeconomics of the Labor Market Rios-Rull
Jinyue Li Essays on Urban and International Economics Kehoe
Shihui Ma Essays in Macro and Labor Economics Guvenen
Keaton Miller Essays in Industrial Organization Petrin
Ruchika Mohanty Management Practices Werner
Cloe Ortiz de Mendivil Ribierre Essays on the Factor Content of Trade and Education Kehoe
Yun Pei Essays on Optimal Policy Without Commitment Chari
Thomas Quan Demand Heterogeneity: Implications for Welfare Estimates and Policy Holmes, Petrin
Jack Rossbach On the Predictability of Growth and Trade Kehoe
John Seliski Essays on Labor Market Frictions and Macroeconomics Kehoe
Marcelo Zouain Pedroni Essays on Market Incompleteness Phelan
Brian Zurowski Essays in Social and Behavioral Economics Werner