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Job Market Candidates

PhD Students on the Job Market

Placement Director
Fatih Guvenen

Placement Coordinator
Caty Bach



We are proud of the research contributions that our past graduates have made in Economics and expect that this year’s group will continue that tradition. We push them hard here, and they respond.

Our students already have extensive teaching experience.   Minnesota students in the later years of their program are typically supported by teaching assistantships that give them full responsibility for selected undergraduate courses.  Foreign students are first required to demonstrate fluency in spoken English.  All students are given classroom critiques as well as other assistance in developing teaching expertise.  As a result, each student enters the job market with a full repertoire of notes and techniques for undergraduate economics teaching. 

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Candidate Fields Thesis Advisor(s)
Ignacio P. Campomanes Political Economy
“Essays in Political Economy” Professor V. V. Chari and Professor Christopher Phelan
Mons Chan Industrial Organization
Applied Econometrics
“Essays in Productivity and Trade” Professor Amil Petrin
Yinxiao Chu Finance
Behavioral Economics
“Information Acquisition and
Revelation in the Financial Markets”
Professor Jan Werner and Professor David Rahman
Díez Catalán, Luis Macroeconomics
Labor Economics
Applied Econometrics
“Essays in Macroeconomics
and Labor Economics”
Professor Fatih Guvenen
Shiv Dixit Public Economics
Monetary Economics
Health Economics
“Essays on Contract Theory and Institution Design” Professor V. V. Chari
Fatih Fazilet Macroeconomics
Financial Economics
“Implications of Equity Financing on Housing Markets” Professor Ellen McGrattan
Joaquin Garcia-Cabo Macroeconomics
Labor Economics
Quantitative Economics
“Essays in Labor Markets and Human Capital” Professor Ellen McGrattan
Parisa Kamali International Economics
Health Economics
“Essays in International Economics” Professor Timothy Kehoe and Professor Manuel Amador
Hyunju Lee Macroeconomics
International Economics
Financial Economics
"Essays in International Economics" Professor Timothy Kehoe and Professor Manuel Amador
Marcos Marcolino Macroeconomics
Environmental Economics
Public Economics
"Essays in Macroeconomics" Professor Larry Jones
Keler Marku Microeconomics
Financial Economics
Public Economics
"Games in Networks" Professor David Rahman
Kathleen McKiernan Schlehuber Macroeconomics
Quantitative Economics
“Essays on Social Security Reform” Professor Ellen McGrattan
Robert Mrkonich Macroeconomics
International Trade and
“Essays in Hetergeneous Agent Macroeconomics” Professor Timothy Kehoe and Professor Manuel Amador
Thomas Phelan Macroeconomic Theory
Optimal Contracting
Public Economics
“Essays in Optimal Contracting, Incomplete Markets and Inequality” Professor Christopher Phelan
David U. Ruiz Gómez Mathematical Economics
Dynamic Economic Theory
Decision and Game Theory
Mechanism and Information Design
“Critical Types in Dynamic Games” Professor Aldo Rustichini and Professor David Rahman
Sergio Salgado Macroeconomics
Labor Economics
Business Cycles
 “Technical Change and Entrepreneurship” Professor Fatih Guvenen and Professor Patrick Kehoe
Matthew Shapiro Industrial Organization
Applied Microeconomics
Applied Econometrics
 “Essays on the Market Impacts of Regulatory Regimes” Professor Thomas Holmes
Alexandra Solovyeva Macroeconomics
Macro Labor
International Economics
 “Essays in Macroeconomics” Professor Timothy Kehoe and Professor Manuel Amador
Guillaume Sublet Trade
Public Economics
Financial Economics
“Essays in Macroeconomics and Trade” Professor Timothy Kehoe and Professor Manuel Amador
Dirk van Duym Applied Microeconomics
Environmental Economics
“Essays in Water Economics” Professor Thomas Holmes
William Walsh International Macroeconomics

“Essays on Economic Sanctions”

Professor Ellen McGrattan
Ming Xu Macroeconomics
Labor Economics
“Essays in Labor Market Dynamics” Professor Ellen McGrattan
Bora Yunn Macroeconomics
International Economics
“Essays in Macroeconomics” Professor Timothy Kehoe and Professor Manuel Amador