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Job Market Candidates

PhD Students on the Job Market

Placement Director
Manuel Amador

Placement Coordinator
Caty Bach


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Below find the list of Minnesota Economics Ph.D. students on the job market this year.

Of course, we as a department are proud of the research contributions that our past graduates have made in Economics and expect that this year’s group will continue that tradition. We push them hard here, and they respond well as you can see from the each student's vitae.

We would also like to emphasize that these students already have extensive teaching experience.   Minnesota students in the later years of their program are typically supported by teaching assistantships that give them full responsibility for selected undergraduate courses.  Foreign students are first required to demonstrate fluency in spoken English.  All students are given classroom critiques as well as other assistance in developing teaching expertise.  As a result, each student enters the job market with a full repertoire of notes and techniques for undergraduate economics teaching. 

Candidate Advisor(s) Fields Dissertation
Ayres Queiroz da Silva, Joao Timothy Kehoe and Manuel Amador International Economics, Macroeconomics, Public Finance “Essays in International Macroeconomics”
Cai, Zhifeng V. V. Chari and Jonathan Heathcote Macroeconomics, Financial Economics "Essays in Macroeconomics and Finance"
Civale, Simone Faith Guvenen Macroeconomics, Labor Economics “Has the Decline in the Price of Investment Increased Wealth Inequality?”
Condor, Richard Timothy Kehoe and Manuel Amador Financial Macroeconomics, Macroprudential Policies “Essays in Financial Macroeconomics”
Costa, Daniela Viana Timothy Kehoe and Manuel Amador International Economics, Macroeconomics, Labor Economics “Essays in International Economics”
Ding, Kai V. V. Chari Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Financial Economics “Essays in Macroeconomics”
Garivaltis, Alexander Aldo Rustichini and David Rahman Financial Econometrics, Algorithmic Game Theory, Computational Economics “Essays on Universal Portfolios”
Greenblatt, Matthew Larry Jones Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Public Economics “Essays on Monetary Union”
Hong, Canhui Manuel Amador and Timothy Kehoe International Economics, International Finance “Essays on Flight to Quality and Lack of Commitment in Economics”
Kandanchatha, Arun Fatih Guvenen Labor Economics, Macroeconomics “Examining the Shimer Puzzle under   Overlapping Generations”
Madera, Rocio Fatih Guvenen Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Quantitative Economics “Essays in Uninsurable Income Risk and Consumption Choice”
Raveendranthan, Gajen Timothy Kehoe and Manuel Amador Macroeconomics “Essays on Consumer Bankruptcy,   Employment, and Firm Dynamics in   the United States”
Stefanidis, Georgios Timothy Kehoe and Manuel Amador Macroeconomics, International Financial Economics "Essays in International Financial Economics"