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Kathleen Rider and her students in Rome, Italy.

When In Rome

Kathleen Rider teaches a biannual global seminar focused on urban renewal in Rome. Rider created the program to help students see beyond the country’s rich history and better experience it as a diverse, 21st-century place.
Alexander Rash’s standing outside of Folwell Hall at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Traveler, Artist & Urban Explorer

2017 graduate Alexander Rash returned to Minnesota to finish his degree after spending several years living in France. While there, he helped open a collective publishing house, became an art curator, and had countless other adventures. He likes that travel gives him a new perspective on the world and that his French studies have given him “the ability to think in multiple dimensions as relates to society.”
Three-panelist roundtable discussion during the Les Actualités de Patrick Modiano symposium

Examining Modiano

In collaboration with Minneapolis’ Alliance Française, department chair Bruno Chaouat moderated a riveting symposium regarding the work of French Nobel Prize winner Patrick Modiano. Speakers with expertise in his work were brought in from across the globe to discuss Modiano’s literary importance.
Ice, Lee-Ferrand, and Schaffauser and others pose together in Senegal

Graduate Students Collaborate with International and African Scholars

Last May, three graduate students represented the French and Italian Department at Le Conseil International d’Études Francophones, a week-long international conference of Francophone scholars. There they presented work on postcolonial Francophone literature and cuisine, and were asked to publish their papers—an honor uncommon for graduate students.
Ghreichi and a friend on a cliff overlooking a valley in Lebanon

Embracing Opportunities Abroad

After finishing her undergraduate degree last spring, French minor Marie-Christine Ghreichi was awarded a scholarship allowing her to study abroad in Lebanon, a multilingual and multicultural country with strong ties to France, the French language, and French literature. While there, she has been able to connect with her Lebanese heritage, love of languages, and her passion for advancing human rights.