Minor in Geographic Information Science

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Geographic information science (GIS) minors develop an in-depth understanding of spatial analysis and the art of digital map-making that complements discipline-specific knowledge. GIS has become a key approach to an increasingly large number of endeavors, from land-use planning and environmental management to epidemiology through law enforcement. It relies on geospatial technologies and research that include internet mapping, in-vehicle navigation systems, digital cartography, imagery taken by airplanes and satellites, spatial analysis and modeling of social and natural processes, and visualization and data mining of complex information. This minor will improve your marketability and open up opportunities for intellectual and professional development.

GIS minor Courses offered Spring 2017

Declare Your Minor

To declare your GIS minor, download and fill out the GIS minor declaration form. Bring your completed form to geog-only drop-in advising, and a geography advisor or peer advisor will help you declare. Completed forms may also be turned in via the GES advisor’s mailbox in the GES office, 414 Social Sciences; ask for a recyclable envelope & email geogadv to inform us that your declaration form has been submitted. To petition a class for GIS minor credit, complete this form and submit by email or as above; include class syllabus (6-8 weeks process).

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