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The GES Advising Calendar is at the bottom of this page.

Our GES Advising Team

Dr. Jeanette Simmonds

Undergraduate advisor
BSE, geography, GIS, public health
406 Social Sciences

Paula Pentel

Undergraduate advisor
Urban studies

Peer Advisors

The GES department employs a team of student peer advisors (PAs) to support students via drop-in advising hours. Peer advisors can help you declare, coordinate your interests and classes, and plan your upcoming semester. They also serve our GES undergraduates by managing advising workshops and other undergraduate program events.

Maggie Hall and Janette Romero (BSE)

Marco Garcia and Emily Nagel (Geography, GIS, public health)

Questions about transferring credits? Browse CLA's transfer student pages and contact a CLA transfer advisor.

Honors Advising

Our GES honors coordinators can advise you on discipline-specific issues, and the University Honor's Program hosts general honors advising information.

Dr. Daniel Griffin

Geography Honors Coordinator
414 Social Scieces

Dr. Katherine Klink

BSE Honors Coordinator
573 Social Sciences

Contact an Advisor

Emails, Appointments, and Drop-in Advising

By Email: 
Urban Studies Students contact Paula Pentel

BSE, Geography, GIS, and Public Health Students contact

Please follow these guidelines to help us serve you as effectively as possible. 

  • Use your UMN email
  • Include your student ID number in the email
  • Write your major/minor program in the subject line
Make an Advising Appointment with Jeanette (BSE, Geography) 
  • No appointments available 6/11 to 7/22

Please allow at least 3 business days for appointment requests, include as many available times as possible, include a brief summary of the reason for the appointment. At busy times, appts are booked 1-3 weeks in advance.

Drop-In Advising

No appointment necessary. At busy times of the semester, students should consider arriving early or using Geog-only or BSE-only Peer Advising. During non-peak advising times, there is seldom any wait. 

Advising Calendar Key

  • Jeanette is on vacation 6/12 to mid-July. She will begin holding drop in advising at that time.
  • BSE students or Public Health minor students may come to BSE-only drop-in advising
  • Geography/GIS students should contact instructors directly and consult info sheets/course guides on their webpage

Jeanette’s GES drop-in advising
BSE, geography, and GIS advising. Students seeking advising related to honors, multiple degrees, senior projects, course evaluations, and complex transfer histories must meet with Jeanette rather than a peer advisor.

GEOG-only drop-in advising
Geography, GIS, and public health advising staffed by the geography peer advisor. Senior project and honors advising are not available.

BSE-only drop-in advising
BSE and public health advising staffed by the BSE peer advisors. Senior project and honors advising are not available.

Appointment Requests
Use recommended format (above).

No GES Advising appointments available
At peak advising times, no appointments with Jeanette are available. You must meet with Jeanette or the peer advisors during drop-in advising hours.