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Welcome to GES Advising!

The GES Advising Calendar is at the bottom of this page.

Our GES Advising Team
We have a great team of advisors who specialize in one or more of our major and minor programs.

Geography and GIS, Biology, Society, and Environment and Public Health

Dr. Ivan Bialostosky
Departmental Advisor
406 Social Sciences (West Bank)

Urban Studies:

Paula Pentel
Urban Studies Advisor & Co-Cordinator for Urban Studies
348 Social Sciences (West Bank)

Peer Advising:

Janette Romero, BSE and Public Health
Lorena Vasquez, BSE and Public Health
Meghan Konka, BSE and Public Health
Sophia Gilleland, GEOG and GIS


Are you transferring to the U from another school? Do you have questions about transferring credits? Browse CLA's transfer student pages and contact a CLA transfer advisor. If you have questions about how classes might fulfill major/minor program requirements, see our petition info sheet on the Geography/GIS or BSE "courses" page.  

Contact an Advisor

By Email: 
Urban Studies Students contact Paula Pentel

BSE, Geography, GIS, and Public Health Students contact

Please follow these guidelines to help us serve you as effectively as possible. 

  • Use your UMN email
  • Include your student ID number in the email
  • Write your major/minor program in the subject line

Advising Appointments

If you want to schedule a time to meet with Ivan, he has two time slots a week set aside for appointments. Schedule your appointment here.  Please include your name and a description of what you want to talk about in the description section of the appointment.

Drop-In Advising

Come talk about your major, minor, accomplishments, or challenges. No appointment necessary. At busy times of the semester, students should consider arriving early. There is seldom any wait from week 3-8 of the semester, so if you'd like to sit down with an advisor to plan out your coming year(s), discuss special interests and opportunities, or tailor your program to your intellectual and career goals, mid-semester is the best time for this. Our peer advisors all have weekly drop-in hours. Peer advisors can help you declare, coordinate your interests and classes, and plan your upcoming semester.

Advising Calendar

Since GES has many different majors & minors, students may only go to the hours designated for them. 
  • Urban Studies students should contact Paula Pentel for drop-ins or appointments (not listed on calendar)
  • All other students should look for an advising period that is designated for their major or minor