Majors & Minors

The Department of Geography, Environment, and Society (GES) offers three major programs: a BA in biology, society, & environment, a BA and a BS in geography, and a BA and a BS in urban studies. We also offer minors in geography, urban studies, geographic information science (GIS), and public health that complement many majors. 

These programs may be structured within a variety of teaching/research areas or may be designed individually in consultation with a faculty advisor. We prepare students for careers in academia, industry, government, and non-profit sectors. Our top-ranked department provides a setting for undergraduate study in one of the nation's outstanding public land-grant research universities, located at the heart of one of America's most attractive and vital metropolitan areas.

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Biology, Society, & Environment (BA)

Receive comprehensive training in biology combined with an in-depth examination of the relevance of biology to social and environmental problems.


Geography dog

Geography (BA, BS, minor)

Focus on the integrated study of our globalizing world, as made by human and non-human forces alike.


Geography dog

Urban Studies (BA, BS, minor)

Study cities from the very center of the largest metropolitan region in the entire Upper Midwest.


Geography dog

Geographic Information Science (minor)

Develop an in-depth understanding of spatial analysis and the art of digital map-making


Geography dog

Public Health (minor)

Improve your understanding about how local, regional, national, and international issues shape knowledge systems and social practices around health and well-being.