Previous Programs


Building Equity in Our Global Classrooms Book Club for Educators, Jan-May.
Defining Genocide, January 30.
Teaching for Action: Exploring Human Rights and Civic Engagement in Our Global Communities, February-April.
Teaching for Action Human Rights and Civic Engagement Curriculum Development Cohort, January-June.
Recentering Our Stories, February 17.
Global Supply Chains an Interconnected World, February 23.
Global Studies Virtual Symposium, April 23.
Story of Products and Displaced People: Globalized Curriculum for Elementary Educators, June-August.
Teaching about Genocide: Concepts, Cases & Classroom Approaches Summer Institute, July 5-30.
The Stars and the Blackness Between Them Preservice Teachers Workshop, July 9.
Enacting Indigenous Power through Film & New Media: Focus on Violence Against Native/ First Nations Women and Land, November 2.
Seeking Racial Justice: Transformative Change from Local to Global Book Club for Educators, October-December.
Crossroads: An Anthology of Resilience and Hope Educator Workshop, December 4.


Interruption, Innovation, and Inclusion: Increasing Access and Reducing Inequality through Global education, fall 2019-spring 2020.
What the World Can Learn from Education in Finland, January 7.
Finnish Language and Culture, March 7.
School as Service Innovation Award Aalto University, April 1. 
Futures Guidance and Education at Turku University, April 2. 
Equality on paper and in the Schools in Finland, April 9. 
Global Studies Virtual Symposium, April 24. 
Globalizing Curriculum for Elementary Social Studies Summer Institute, Jun 10-July 30. 
Exception Virtual Lessons with Global Content Curriculum Development, June 15-July 27. 
Finding Courage, Wellness, and Happiness Through the Power of Sisu: Finnish Summer Book Club for Educators, June 14-August 15. 


Bringing the Distant Near Book Club for Educators, spring. 
Mindfulness and Intercultural Communication, January 4.
Echoes and Reflection, February 9.
Storytelling Around the Word, March 16
North Korea Past and Present, April 24. 
Empowering Students to Improve the World Mindfulness and Global Lessons, June 24-27.
Empowering Students to Improve the World Curriculum Development, June 27-31. 
Dream Country: Liberian Migrations for Preservice Teachers, July 1.
Teaching about Genocides Summer Institute, July 29-August 3. 
Teaching about the Russian Influence in the Election, October 14. 
Global Nonfiction: Bookclub for Educators, fall
Education, Cities, and Finland: An Urban Planner's Point of View, November 7. 
The Haitian Revolution, December 2. 
Teaching with StoryMaps, December 3. 


Seeking Refuge in a Changing World Book Club for Educators, Spring 2018.
Taking Action: Acting Locally Linking Globally, June 18-21. 
Taking Action Curriculum Development, June 25-29.
Gender and Genocide: Uncovering Absent Narratives in Mass Violence and Human Rights Education, June 25-29.
Voices of Paris, October 31.
Global Voices, Empathy, and Taking Action; Active LIstening in an Interdependent World, National Council of Teachers of English, November 18. 
Human Rights in National Security: Analyzing Amnesty International Curriculum, December 4.


Middle East Book Club for K-12 Educators, January-May.
Social Justice in the Classroom Curriculum Development, January-May. 
Refugees in Our Classroom, March 1. 
Colonialism and Health Care in Africa, April 1.
Economies of Africa, April 21.
Inclusive Education: Public Health in Africa, April 4.
Introduction to Arabic for Non-Language Educators, May 20.
Minnesota's Migration and Digital Storytelling, June 26-29.
Stories of Conflict and Hope African Literature in the Classroom, July 10-13.
Curriculum Development African Literature in the Classroom, July 17-27.
Building Empathy, Taking Action Graphic Novels in the Classroom, October 12.
Somali for Educators, October 21.
A Long Way from Home the Journeys We Take, November 13.
Journeys to Our Classrooms, How Newcomers and Refugees Arrive, November 14.
Building Empathy Taking Action Graphic Novels in the Social Studies Classroom, National Council of Social Studies, November 19.
An Interactive Approach to Feminism and the Arab Spring Revolutions (NCSS), November 20.
Language as Evidence Using Swahili in World History Classrooms (NCSS), November 20.
West African Perspectives in the French Classroom, November 28.


Africana Monthly Book Club for K-12 Educators, January-May.
Principles of Hinduism: a Workshop for Educators, March 1.
Managing Modern Identity and Dual Cultures, St. Paul Community College, March.
Infusing African Experience into the Curriculum, Normandale Community College, March-May.
Teaching the History of the Gold Coast through a Graphic Novel, a training for preservice teachers, April.
The Zika Virus: What is It and How Do We Teach It? May 31.
Minnesota’s Migration and Digital Storytelling, June 13-16.
Teaching about Genocides in Africa: Rwanda and Darfur, June 20-23.
Africa in the Classroom, June 27-30.
Developing Culturally Relevant Curricula on Africa: a Partnership of Experienced and Preservice teachers, June 27-July 14.
Building Community: An Introduction to Teaching Issues of Social Justice in the Classroom, October 5.
Social Movements and Identity, October 25.
African Curriculum in the K-12 Classroom, November 5.
Local Voices: An Exploration of Identity Through Digital Storytelling, November 10.
Incorporating Internationally Themed Literature: Deconstructing Stereotypes in your Classroom, 12:00 pm-4:00 pm November 17, National Council for Teachers of English National Convention, Atlanta, Georgia.
Global Literature in the High School Classroom, 11:00 am-2:15 pm November 18, National Council for Teachers of English National Convention, Atlanta, Georgia


Narratives of Identity: African Studies Initiative and Leech Lake Tribal College, April 2.
World War I and the Armenian Genocide, April 25.
Holocaust Education in a Global Context, June 15-18.
Minnesota Goes to Berlin: Immigrant and Refugee Education in Germany (funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Center of Excellence housed in the Center for German & European Studies), June 12-22.
Water, Health, and the World’s Cities, June 29-July 2.
Teaching African Identities through Film, July 27-30.
Women in Islam, September 19.
Understanding African Global Migration, September-December.
Identities in the Classroom: a ten-day professional development for visiting Berlin, Germany teachers (funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Center of Excellence housed in the Center for German & European Studies), October 19-29.
Affirming Identities in the Classroom, October 27.