Dissertations & Placements

Our PhD students have found success in a variety of  positions, including academic and non-academic careers.

Kost, Kiley (PhD, 2019)
Visiting Asst. Prof., Carleton College
"Telling Deep Time: Geologic Narration in German Fiction since 1945"

Tripp, Meagan (PhD, 2019)
Asst. Prof., Franklin & Marshall College
“Dance on the Page, Poetry on Stage: Encounters between Modernist German Poetry and Dance”

Olson, Karsten (PhD, 2019)
Visiting Asst. Prof., Auburn University
“Beyond the Public Sphere: The Secret Agency of the Many”

Solemsli-Chrysler, Adelia (PhD, 2018)
Instructor, Augsburg University
"Translation on the Move: Place, Language, and the Jewish Body in Rose Ausländer's Poetry"

Schendel, Isaac (PhD, 2018)
"Narrative Arrangement in 16th-Century Till Eulenspiegel Texts: The Reinvention of Familiar Structures"

Michel, Kalani (PhD, 2018)
Asst. Prof., University of California, Los Angeles
"All in the Same Box: Unhinging Audiovisual Media in the 1960s and 1970s"

Hofmann, Maria (PhD, 2017)
Asst. Prof., Wofford College (Fall 2019)
“Relinquishing the Real. New Strategies of Documentary Practice”

Neuman, Nichole (PhD, 2016)
Asst. Prof. of German in World Languages & Cultures; Hoyt-Reichman Scholar of German-American Studies and German and Culture; Director, Max Kade German-American Resource and Research Center at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
"L.A., Berlin, and Beyond: Decentering German Film History"

Olstad, Ashley (PhD, 2016)
Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency
"Seeing the National Body: Racialization and Belonging in Germany"

O’Neill, Ryan (PhD, 2016)
“An Exploration of Comics and Architecture in Post-War Germany and the United States”

Burwick, W. Christopher (PhD, 2015)
Visiting Asst. Prof., Transylvania University
"An Exploration of Materiality in Josef Winkler's Narrative Structures"

Patten, Andrew (PhD, 2015)
Postdoc fellowship, Universität Erfurt
"All That is the Case: The Collection, Exhibition, and Practice of Weltliteratur"

Peterson, Paul (PhD, 2015)
Postdoc research scholar, University of Iowa
"Old Norse Nicknames"

Lawton, Lindsay (PhD, 2014)
Associate Director of Fellowships, Yale University
"Marketing Authenticity: Production and Promotion of Muslim Women's Memoirs in Germany and Austria"

Shepela, Anja (PhD, 2014)
Visiting Faculty, University of St. Thomas
"'Meine kühnsten Wünsche und Ideen': Women, Space, Place, and Mobility in Late Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Germany"

Brungs, Juliette (PhD, 2013)
Beratungs- und Bildungsstelle »Annedore« für Demokratie, Recht und Freiheit, Stiftung Sozialpädagogisches Institut "Walter May,” Berlin
"Performing the Jewish Body in Contemporary Germany: Esther Dischereit and Tanya Ury"

David, Thomas (PhD, 2012)
Lecturer, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
"Interrogating Utopia: The Science Fiction of the German Democratic Republic in the Age of Globalization"

Oberlin, Adam (PhD, 2012)
Sr. Lecturer, German Department, Princeton University
"The Style and Structure of Minnesang"

Pasternak, James (PhD, 2012)
Lecturer & Program Coordinator, SUNY New Paltz
"Apocalypse or Utopia: Representations of the Medieval in Nineteenth-Century Historical Fiction"

Skarsten, Roger (PhD, 2012)
Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst (HAWK), Hildesheim, Germany
"Singing Arminius. Imagining a German Nation: Narratives of the Liberator Germaniae in Early Modern Europe"

Wallen, Anne (PhD, 2012)
Program Director, Office of Fellowships, University of Kansas
"The Philosophic Game: Eighteenth-Century Masquerade in German and Danish Literature and Culture"

Collenberg, Carrie (PhD, 2011)
Asst. Prof., Department of World Languages & Literatures, Portland State University
"The Aesthetics of Terrorism"

Graduates of our PhD program have also gone on to positions at the following institutions:

Agnes Scott College

Bowdoin College

Converse College

Denison University

Illinois Wesleyan University

Kenyon College

Lawrence University

Macalester College

Michigan State University

Ohio State University

Portland State University

Ripon College

St. Louis University

University of Alabama

University of Arkansas

University of Pennsylvania

University of Rochester

University of Toronto

University of Victoria

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Valparaiso University

Washington College

Wooster College