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Graduate Students

Our graduate students share an office—425 Folwell Hall—and can be reached by phone at 651-625-9350 or by their respective email adresses.

Name Contact Specialty
Zizanie Bodene-Yost German and Danish literature and culture; women writers; Nordic studies
Kate  Brooks German and Austrian modernism; German and Yiddish theater; Jewish studies
Jennifer Schmitt Carnell Medieval Germanic languages and literatures, medieval love lyric, comparative literature
Jana Gierden Moving image and media studies, contemporary art, performance art, German pop culture
Emily Groepper Medieval Germanic languages and literatures; history of emotions; language pedagogy
Anthony Bezeroukoff Kahane  
Vincent Kancans Media studies, philosophy of technology 70s-80s popular culture, Cold War
Kiley Kost Environmental humanities, ecocriticism, 20th- and 21st-century literature, Austrian studies
Reva Kulkarni German Folk Tales, Foreign Language Teaching Methodology, Music
Moritz Meutzner Literary history and philosophy (18th-20th century), German-Turkish intellectual history, German-Jewish studies
Karsten Olson Critical theory, 18th century theater and philosophy, crowds and masses
Meagan Tripp Intersections of dance and poetry; German poetry and poetic theories; modernity, Märchen, 20th-century German literature; second language acquisition; instructional technology
Meyer Weinshel 19th-21st century Austrian literature and culture, Yiddish literature & culture, translation studies
Amanda Wolfson