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Undergraduate students looking for a history course have a wealth of options that can satisfy multiple catalog requirements, including diversity credits and writing-enhanced curriculums. Whether you appreciate the anonymity of a large lecture hall or the intimacy of a smaller, discussion-based seminar, the department offers classes in multiple formats to meet your learning style.

From classical to modern, Asia to the Americas, and everything in between, the History Department surely offers a class that will satisfy your historical curiosity. Your courses will provide you with valuable critical thinking skills and access to the cutting-edge historical scholarship of our faculty who are renowned for their dedication to teaching.

For a complete list of all history classes available, please visit History’s course catalog.

Spring 2019

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
HIST 1012WThe Age of Global ContactSections [7]
HIST 1031WEurope and the World: Expansion, Encounter, and Exchange to 1500Sections [7]
HIST 1082Jesus in HistorySections [1]
HIST 1302WGlobal America: U.S. History Since 1865Sections [9]
HIST 1362Global History of World War IISections [3]
HIST 3000New Topics in HistorySections [1]
HIST 3001Public HistorySections [1]
HIST 3020Hands-On HistorySections [2]
HIST 3053Ancient Civilization: RomeSections [1]
HIST 3151WBritish History to the 17th CenturySections [1]
HIST 326520th-Century Russia: The Collapse of Imperial Russia, the Revolutions,...Sections [1]
HIST 3362Global History of World War IISections [3]
HIST 3402WModern Latin America 1825 to PresentSections [1]
HIST 3416Imperialism and its Critics: Ethical Issues, Literary RepresentationsSections [1]
HIST 3417Food in HistorySections [1]
HIST 3426Piracy in the Mediterranean: The World of Merchants and PiratesSections [1]
HIST 3429Latin American History in Film and TextSections [1]
HIST 3431Early Africa and Its Global ConnectionsSections [1]
HIST 3462From Subjects to Citizens: The History of East Asia From 1500 to the P...Sections [3]
HIST 3466Religion and Society in Imperial ChinaSections [1]
HIST 3476War and Peace in Japan Through Popular CultureSections [1]
HIST 3486Hmong Refugees from the Secret War: Becoming AmericansSections [1]
HIST 3502Ancient Israel: From Conquest to ExileSections [1]
HIST 3511Muslims and Jews: Conflict and Co-existence in the Middle East and Nor...Sections [1]
HIST 3513North Africa since 1500: Islam, Colonialism, and IndependenceSections [1]
HIST 3514Environmental History of the Middle East and North AfricaSections [1]
HIST 3546Islam and the WestSections [1]
HIST 3547The Ottoman EmpireSections [1]
HIST 3615WWomen in European History: 1500 to the PresentSections [1]
HIST 3704WDaily Life in Europe: 1300-1800Sections [1]
HIST 3727History of the HolocaustSections [1]
HIST 3728Human Rights and Crimes Against HumanitySections [1]
HIST 3729Nazi Germany and Hitler's EuropeSections [1]
HIST 3746Game of Thrones: Emperors, Knights and Witches in Central EuropeSections [1]
HIST 3767Eastern Orthodoxy: History and CultureSections [1]
HIST 3822Making America Modern: 1945 to PresentSections [1]
HIST 3862American Immigration HistorySections [1]
HIST 3993Directed StudySections [1]
HIST 4010WResearch SeminarSections [2]
HIST 4961VHonors: Major PaperSections [1]
HIST 4961WMajor PaperSections [1]
HIST 4970Historical InternshipSections [1]

Fall 2019

There are no HIST courses available for Fall 2019.
Please see for more info.