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Undergraduate students looking for a history course have a wealth of options that can satisfy multiple catalog requirements, including diversity credits and writing-enhanced curriculums. Whether you appreciate the anonymity of a large lecture hall or the intimacy of a smaller, discussion-based seminar, the department offers classes in multiple formats to meet your learning style.

From classical to modern, Asia to the Americas, and everything in between, the History Department surely offers a class that will satisfy your historical curiosity. Your courses will provide you with valuable critical thinking skills and access to the cutting-edge historical scholarship of our faculty who are renowned for their dedication to teaching.

Fall 2020

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
HIST 1000New Topics in HistorySections [1]
HIST 1011WCivilization and the Environment: World History to 1500Sections [1]
HIST 1012WThe Age of Global ContactSections [7]
HIST 1032WEurope and the World: Expansion, Encounter, and Exchange from 1500 to ...Sections [5]
HIST 1301WAuthority and Rebellion: American History to 1865Sections [9]
HIST 1534Introduction to Jewish History and CulturesSections [1]
HIST 1809The Presidency: Power, Politics, and Policy in the United StatesSections [1]
HIST 1811The Sixties: History & MemorySections [1]
HIST 1921Brexit and Decolonization: Empire, Race, and Belonging in the 21st Cen...Sections [1]
HIST 1923The Politics of Hunger: Food Security, Aid & DiplomacySections [1]
HIST 3020Hands-On HistorySections [3]
HIST 3051Ancient Civilization: Near East and EgyptSections [2]
HIST 3061"Bread and Circuses": Spectacles and Mass Culture in Antiqui...Sections [1]
HIST 3067WArchaeology of Prehistoric EuropeSections [1]
HIST 3244History of Eastern EuropeSections [1]
HIST 3264Imperial Russia: Formation and Expansion of the Russian Empire in the ...Sections [1]
HIST 3271The Viking World: Story, History, and ArchaeologySections [1]
HIST 3281European Intellectual History: The Early Modern Period, Antiquity to 1...Sections [1]
HIST 3349U.S. Women's Legal HistorySections [1]
HIST 3361WWorld War I: A Global HistorySections [1]
HIST 3401WEarly Latin America to 1825Sections [1]
HIST 3412Soccer: Around the World with the Beautiful GameSections [1]
HIST 3416Imperialism and its Critics: Ethical Issues, Literary RepresentationsSections [1]
HIST 3417WFood in HistorySections [1]
HIST 3419History of Capitalism: Uneven Development Since 1500Sections [1]
HIST 3423Central American RevolutionsSections [1]
HIST 3426Piracy in the Mediterranean: The World of Merchants and PiratesSections [1]
HIST 3429Latin American History in Film and TextSections [1]
HIST 3432Modern Africa in a Changing WorldSections [1]
HIST 3435History of South Africa from 1910Sections [1]
HIST 3455West African History: 1800 to PresentSections [1]
HIST 3461Introduction to East Asia I: The Imperial AgeSections [1]
HIST 3468Social Change in Modern ChinaSections [1]
HIST 3471Modern Japan, Meiji to the Present (1868-2000)Sections [1]
HIST 3483Hmong History Across the GlobeSections [1]
HIST 3485History of Southeast AsiaSections [1]
HIST 3493Islam: Religion and CultureSections [1]
HIST 3494WChrist in Islamic ThoughtSections [1]
HIST 3505Survey of the Modern Middle EastSections [1]
HIST 3512History of Modern Israel/Palestine: Society, Culture, and PoliticsSections [1]
HIST 3534Introduction to Jewish History and CulturesSections [1]
HIST 3547The Ottoman EmpireSections [1]
HIST 3606Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the Middle AgesSections [1]
HIST 3615WWomen in European History: 1500 to the PresentSections [1]
HIST 3637Modern Russia: From Peter the Great to the PresentSections [1]
HIST 3708The Age of Curiosity: Art, Science & Technology in Europe, 1400-1800Sections [3]
HIST 3721Studies in 20th-Century Europe From the Turn of the Century to the End...Sections [1]
HIST 3727History of the HolocaustSections [1]
HIST 3728Human Rights and Crimes Against HumanitySections [1]
HIST 3822Making America Modern: 1945 to PresentSections [1]
HIST 3852Work and Workers in the United StatesSections [1]
HIST 3853Black Protest in Twentieth Century AmericaSections [1]
HIST 3856The Civil Rights and Black Power Movement, 1954-1984Sections [1]
HIST 3872American Indian History: 1830 to the PresentSections [1]
HIST 3886The Age of Atlantic Revolutions, 1765-1830Sections [1]
HIST 3993Directed StudySections [1]
HIST 3994Directed ResearchSections [1]
HIST 4010VHonors: Research SeminarSections [2]
HIST 4010WResearch SeminarSections [2]
HIST 4961VHonors: Major PaperSections [1]
HIST 4961WMajor PaperSections [1]
HIST 4970History Day MentorshipSections [1]

Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
HIST 1011WCivilization and the Environment: World History to 1500Sections [9]
HIST 1082Jesus in HistorySections [2]
HIST 1102Medieval Tales and their Modern EchoesSections [1]
HIST 1302WGlobal America: U.S. History Since 1865Sections [9]
HIST 1362Global History of World War IISections [3]
HIST 1364Introduction to Global Environmental HistorySections [2]
HIST 3092Jesus in HistorySections [2]
HIST 3101Introduction to Medieval HistorySections [1]
HIST 3102Medieval Tales and their Modern EchoesSections [1]
HIST 326520th-Century Russia: The Collapse of Imperial Russia, the Revolutions,...Sections [1]
HIST 3283Marx, Capital, and History: An Introduction to Marxist Theory and Hist...Sections [1]
HIST 3284WHistory through MemoirSections [1]
HIST 3362Global History of World War IISections [3]
HIST 3402WModern Latin America 1825 to PresentSections [1]
HIST 3431Early Africa and Its Global ConnectionsSections [1]
HIST 3486Hmong Refugees from the Secret War: Becoming AmericansSections [1]
HIST 3652Early Modern BritainSections [1]
HIST 3704WDaily Life in Europe: 1300-1800Sections [1]
HIST 3711Cognitive HistorySections [1]
HIST 3722Studies in 20th-Century Europe From the End of World War II to the End...Sections [1]
HIST 3767Eastern Orthodoxy: History and CultureSections [1]
HIST 3821United States in the 20th Century to 1945Sections [1]
HIST 3822Making America Modern: 1945 to PresentSections [1]
HIST 3835Law in American Life: 1865 to PresentSections [1]
HIST 3993Directed StudySections [1]
HIST 4961VHonors: Major PaperSections [1]
HIST 4961WMajor PaperSections [1]
HIST 4970History Day MentorshipSections [1]