Scholarships & Prizes

The Department of History at the University of Minnesota is proud to sponsor various scholarships and prizes in recognition of the outstanding historical work produced by our undergraduate students. Scholarships support undergraduates during their academic careers while the paper prizes recognize outstanding academic achievements in the field of history. We strongly encourage you to apply for either a scholarship or a paper prize—or both—during your time as an undergraduate in history.

The Department of History seeks Applications for the Quintard Taylor, Sr., and Grace Taylor Scholarship. Made possible by a gift from the Taylors, the scholarship will award $1000. When possible, preference will be given to students who will enhance the diversity of the student body, or have shown resilience in the face of disadvantages.


Scholarships are awarded to undergraduates working toward a history degree. The department awards multiple scholarships annually for which undergraduate students are encouraged to apply:

Paper Prizes

Paper prizes are awarded in recognition of outstanding undergraduate research and writing completed during coursework at the University of Minnesota. The department awards a number of paper prizes annually each spring:

For more information on how to apply for a scholarship or paper prize, see the Undergraduate Scholarships & Prizes Application Requirements page.