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The Department of History embraces the benefits of studying outside of the United States, and we strongly encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity. Studying abroad offers the chance to put classroom learning into a real-world context; students experience historical sites and monuments in person, visit world-renowned museums, and, most importantly, gain exposure to new cultures' people, and customs.

The benefits of gaining new experiences, language skills, and cultural understanding are invaluable in attaining a better understanding of history. Moreover, studying and living in other countries directly contributes to the life skills that lead to success in all aspects of a graduate’s life and future career.

From time to time, History professors lead study abroad trips themselves. These explorations introduce students to languages, traditions, and origins of culture and social differences. In Turkey, students learned about a new religious tradition and culture. On a trip to New Zealand, students discovered the origins of cultural and social differences when they encountered a familiar language in a very different environment.

“Study abroad offers unique insights into the world around us.
It will enable you to foster your historical imagination, expose
you to new cultures, enhance your language and critical
thinking skills, and gain valuable international experience.
Don’t miss this exciting opportunity—every student should study abroad.”
—Erika Lee, Professor of History