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Meet Our Students

Read up on the work our undergraduate students are doing at the University, in the community, and around the globe.

Portrait of Niamh McIntosh-yee

A Chance to Challenge Herself

Senior political science and history major Niamh McIntosh-Yee explains how she incidentally became a history major. Recipient of the Wolfberg Scholarship through the political science department, McIntosh-Yee discusses the invigorating feeling of being recognized after putting in so much hard work. She looks forward to graduating and gaining some real-world experience in political science or possibly pursuing the public policy graduate program.
Portrait of Lily Hart.

Scholarship Supports an Aspiring Writer

Majoring in history and English and minoring in creative writing, Lily Hart talks about the importance that scholarships have played in her educational journey. Further, her involvement in the Family History Club on campus has been revolutionary in developing her writing and presentation skills. Believing that writing and history stem from great developments of communication, Hart looks forward to publishing some of her own history pieces one day.
Portrait of Dana Queen.

Embracing the Unknown

Dana Queen’s variety of earned scholarships have allowed her to develop her deep interest in history. Additionally, Queen’s learning abroad experience in York, England taught her to embrace the unknown. Now in her last semester, she looks forward to finishing her degrees in history and anthropology.