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Meet Our Students

Read up on the work our undergraduate students are doing at the university, in the community, and around the globe.

Shayna Allen

Shayna Allen

A Hedley Donovan Scholarship sent Shayna Allen (BA '19, history) to Ukraine to gather testimonies of the participants of a Peace Summit in Kiev. "With the annexation of Crimea, the Russian-Ukrainian War on the east, and the new leadership in Ukraine, I decided it was an important time to shed light on the work of Ukrainian activists who are pursuing the democratic development of Ukraine."
Photo of Lara Schueth

Scholarships Open Up the World

Lara Schueth first explored her interest in history when she began taking classes that were focused on regions other than the US and Europe. Schueth has been awarded both the Talle Family Scholarship and the Barbara Newsome Liberal Arts Internship Award. These accolades have allowed Schueth to flourish not only in her studies but also in her volunteer work for a number of political campaigns.
Portrait of Niamh McIntosh-yee

A Chance to Challenge Herself

Senior Niamh McIntosh-Yee is a double major in history and political science. A recipient of the Wolfberg Scholarship through the political science department, McIntosh-Yee discusses the invigorating feeling of being recognized after putting in so much hard work. She looks forward to gaining real-world experience in her field and possibly pursuing the public policy graduate program.
Portrait of Dana Queen.

Embracing the Unknown

Dana Queen’s variety of earned scholarships have allowed her to develop her deep interest in history. Additionally, Queen’s learning abroad experience in York, England taught her to embrace the unknown. Now in her last semester, she looks forward to finishing her degrees in history and anthropology.