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Graduate Fellowships

The Immigration History Research Center (CLA) graduate student fellowship program supports students working on a broad range of research topics and projects, advances the work of the IHRC, and involves graduate fellows in the work of the Immigration History Research Center Archives (University Libraries).
Fellowships are 50% appointments and provide a stipend of $11,000 for one semester, full tuition support for up to 14 graduate credits during the semester, and subsidized health insurance through the Graduate Assistant Health Plan. In addition to a stipend and fees allowance, a cubicle for the duration of the fellowship period may be supplied by the Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) in Andersen Library if space is available.

Eligibility: Both international and US citizen students are eligible. To be considered for IHRC fellowships, candidates must:
  • be admitted to, or currently enrolled in, a Masters or PhD degree program in the University of Minnesota Graduate School;
  • have research interests related to the history of migration, race, and ethnicity in the US, including refugee resettlement, law and politics, ethnic organizations, identity, arts, folklore, gender, journalism, and literature
  • meet additional requirements for specific fellowships

Students may apply for the IHRC Graduate Fellowship or for collections-specific fellowships (the Hildegard and Gustav Must Graduate Fellowship in Estonian American Studies, the Graduate Fellowship in Finnish American Studies, the American Latvian Association Graduate Fellowship in Latvian American Studies, the Italian American Immigration Endowed Graduate Research Fellowship, or the Francis Maria Fellowship in Arab American Studies). Review of applications will be conducted by a joint IHRC/IHRC Archives faculty and staff committee.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Other Funding Opportunities