Arab American Studies

The Francis Maria Graduate Fellowship in Arab American Studies was established in 2003 with a major gift from the Francis Maria Foundation for Justice and Peace. Its objective is to further develop the Francis Maria collection of mid-20th century Arab American history and related Arab American activities occurring in the IHRC.

The fellowship varies in amount and duration with a maximum 1-semester living stipend of $8,500 and up to, but not more than, $8,500 toward tuition, mandatory fees and health insurance, subject to United States tax law. Maria Fellowships may be awarded more than once to the same student during her/his enrollment in the University.

Departments in which graduate students are enrolled arrange individual financial assistance packages of varying terms and amounts, often applied to the second and third years of study, usually through research or teaching assistantships.


Francis Maria Fellowship in Arab American Studies is not available for academic year 2018-2019.


International and U.S. permanent residence and citizens students are eligible. To be considered for this fellowship, candidates must:

  • be admitted to, or currently enrolled in, a Masters or PhD degree program in the University of Minnesota Graduate School
  • have research interests related to the history and culture of Arabs (in the United States or the Arab diaspora) that require research in the IHRC Arab collections
  • have reading proficiency in Arabic as well as English languagesĀ (international students should consult TOEFL requirements)