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Natan Paradise Speaks about Antisemitism and the Double Erasure of Jews on College...

On April 9, 2021, Natan Paradise, Associate Director of the Center for Jewish Studies, spoke on “Religion and the Double Erasure of Jews on Campus” as part of “Religion, Public Education, and Diversity: A Pre-Conference Colloquium” organized by the Religion and the Public University Collaborative in conjunction with the 2021 spring meeting of the Upper Midwest American Academy of Religion.
Graffiti in Cartagena, Spain: “Corona Lie”

New Course Debuted: “Jews will not replace us!” Global Antisemitism from its...

In spring semester 2021, CJS faculty member Alejandro Baer, who also directs the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, debuted a new course in our curriculum, “‘Jews will not replace us!’ Global Antisemitism from its Origins to the Present.” The course explores the history and cultural logic of antisemitism, and its relation to other forms of exclusion tied to race, religion, and citizenship in modern times.