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Make a Reservation

make a reservation in our office
The Language Center learning spaces will be unavailable during Spring Semester 2021.

Language Center checkout equipment will also be unavailable during Spring Semester 2021.

Please review the following guidelines before you make your reservation:

  1. To reserve rooms and equipment through the Language Center you must be a UM instructor or student.
  2. If you are trying to make a reservation for less than two business days in advance you have the option of reserving by phone. Call 624-6811.
  3. Media reservations are easier to process if they include the catalogue number. Please search for audio and video on Elevator and note the catalogue number.
  4. Reservations will only be processed if they are in accordance with our room reservation policy and equipment checkout policy.
Reservations for classrooms and checkout equipment are not being accepted during Spring Semester 2021.