Patron Portal Instructions & FAQ

Equipment can be reserved online at the Language Center Patron Portal

Instructors and students may request a reservation through the Language Center Patron Portal. The reservation request will be confirmed by Language Center staff. 

The portal also includes a My Account section which provides a checkout history. In My Account, the patron can copy from a previous checkout to start a new request, and potentially renew a checkout. 

See the Step-by-Step Instructions for creating an initial reservation, and the Frequently Asked Questions about the portal. You can also email the Language Center at with questions or to report problems. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for an Initial Request

Frequently Asked Questions about the Patron Portal

Yes, but only university instructors and staff may take equipment offsite. Students may use it within Jones Hall, but may not remove it from the building. Small rooms are available for students who require a space to use equipment. Students who require computer technology may also visit the walk-in Multimedia Lab.

Hit the return or enter key, or refresh the page. The Portal occasionally does not connect to the university login page correctly the first time, but it should the second time. 

Multiple units in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) use the Patron Portal, and when you log in, you will see all the Checkout Centers in CLA that you may have access to. If you do not see CLA Language Center on your list, and think you should have access, please email

Yes, if you have checked out equipment from the Language Center in the past you can start from a previous checkout. You can see your checkout history by clicking on My Account on the left-hand side. Click on the past checkout that matches what you would like to reserve now, and hit the Copy Checkout button.  If the equipment is still available for checkout, it will be copied to your Shopping Cart. Please note that this will override items you already have in your cart. 

You can also save your favorite equipment by clicking on the Bookmark icon on the right-hand side when you are viewing a particular type of equipment or individual piece of equipment. Equipment and equipment types you have bookmarked are noted at the bottom of My Account in the My Bookmarks section. You can then start a checkout from equipment that you have bookmarked.

Not everything available at the Language Center is featured in the portal. Some common audio, video and computer accessories are not included, such as SD cards and readers, tripods, cables, and adapters. However, those items can be added to your check out when you come to pick up the primary piece of equipment. Just let a staff person know what accessories you require at the time of your check out. Alternatively, you can copy from a previous checkout that included all the accessories you used last time, and use that copy to make a new request. If you require other equipment that you do not see on the portal or you are not sure what equipment will best meet your needs, email or visit Jones 110 during business hours

Requests are not confirmed until they are approved by a staff person during business hours. You can see the status of your requests in the My Account section. You will also receive email reminders about your reservation if it is approved. If your request is not approved, a staff member will contact you with more information. 

The most common error is starting or ending a request when the Language Center is closed, such as evenings or weekends. You may need to adjust your start and end times so that they fall within business hours.

No, reservations for Language Center equipment are recommended, but not required. You can check out equipment on a walk-in basis if it is available. If you experience problems making a request through the portal that you cannot resolve, you may email to specify the type of equipment you require, as well as the check out and return times. Even if you do not use the portal for your reservation requests, you will still be able view your checkout history through the My Account section. 

A checkout may be renewed up to five times if the equipment is not reserved by anyone else or does not require service. The easiest way to renew equipment is through My Account. In the My Current Checkouts section, select the appropriate checkout and hit the Renew this Checkout button. The best practice is to return or renew items before they are overdue. 

Overdue notices are sent automatically through the system, and will continue on a regular basis until the equipment is returned or the checkout is extended. If you are unable to return the item, please email to request an extension. Please note that extensions can only be made during business hours (so you may receive multiple overdue notices over a weekend or holiday), and if the equipment you have checked out is reserved by someone else or requires service, the request to extend may be denied.  If you were unable to renew equipment through the system, it is likely that it is needed by another user, and you need to return the equipment.