Sharing Video

Once you've recorded video and uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace, there are a variety of methods for accessing and sharing your files.

Download files from MediaSpace

Follow these steps to download files from MediaSpace. Once downloaded they can be shared through Google Drive, Video Ant or local file transfer.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Choose the video that you wish to download by clicking on the video title.
  3. Choose the file format that you wish to download
    • From the ACTIONS menu, choose Edit
    • From this new Edit view page, click on "Downloads"
    • Select one or more file formats by checking boxes, press SAVE button to save your choices
    • To leave Edit view, click on the "Go To Media Page" link next to the SAVE button
  4. Download the video
    • Back on the Media Page, you'll see a new tab named "Download", select that tab
    • In the Download view, you'll see a list of available file formats (the same ones you chose above)
      • Note:  Only file formats with resolutions the same as or lower than your original file will appear. 
    • To download the file, click on the Download button (in the Actions column) in the same row as the format you wish to download
Make the video unlisted and share the link

This is probably your simplest option. Has the benefit of delivering video through the MediaSpace player which gives multiple viewing options when playing recordings made using the Presentations and Lectures mode. The downside is that anyone who has the link can view. If it's important to limit access to your video, consider other options.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Choose the video that you wish to share by clicking on the video title.
  3. Change permissions
    • From the Actions Menu select + Publish
    • Select the Unlisted radio button (Media will be visible to anyone with a link to the page.)
    • Press the SAVE button
    • Press the Back button to return to Media Page
  4. Copy link to share media
    • From the Media Page select the Share tab
    • Choose the "Link to Media Page" option and copy the link
Share video with your students through a Canvas site

Follow this process for text to embed a MediaSpace player in your Canvas site.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Choose the video that you wish to share by clicking on the video title.
  3. Click on the "Share" tab.
  4. Choose the "Embed" link.
  5. Adjust the video player options.
    • Choose one of three player skins
    • Choose player size
  6. Copy the embed code from the text box.
  7. Paste embed code on a page in your Canvas site
    • Within Canvas follow these steps:
      • Edit > Insert/Edit Media > Embed tab > Paste your embed code below > Ok
Share multiple videos in one player: Create a playlist

Use this option to put a series of videos in one video player. Note:  using this option overrides all privacy settings and makes the videos viewable to all.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Select the videos that you wish to be in the playlist
    • Select the checkbox (to the left of video thumbnail) for each video to be added to playlist
  3. From the ACTIONS menu at the top of the page, select "+ Add to Playlist"
  4. Add media to either a new playlist or an existing playlist.
    • Type in a playlist name in the textbox and select "Create" to make a new playlist
    • Your new playlist will now appear under "Select Playlists"
    • Select one or more playlists by checking their checkbox and pressing the Save button.
  5. Prepare your playlist for publication
    • Press "Go To My Playlists"
    • Make sure the playlist you wish to edit has a maroon background
    • Change the order of the videos in the playlist if you wish by grabbing the 6-square icon next to the video and dragging to new location
    • Delete one or more videos from the playlist by clicking on the X on the top right corner of the video pane. A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm before deleting.
  6. Grab embed code for the playlist
    • Go back to the your playlist title which is highlighted (maroon background) under My Playlists.
    • Press "</>" to reveal options for the embed code
    • Choose either a horizontal or vertical player layout
    • Copy the text in the text field
    • Press the "Save Changes" button
  7. Paste text into a Canvas site or other web site to share with the world
    • Within Canvas follow these steps:
      • Edit > Insert/Edit Media > Embed tab > Paste your embed code below > Ok
Fine-tune access to your video. Put it in a Channel.

A Channel allows you to set up a web page with a number of videos. The page can be viewed by any University Kaltura user, or be restricted to a small subset of users. This option takes more work to set up, but is your best choice if you need to limit viewers.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Create a Channel 
    • From the top menu bar select "My Channels"
    • Make a new channel by pressing the green "+ Create Channel" button
    • On the Create a New Channel page:  Name your channel, add a description, set privacy level and enable options for allowing users to subscribe to channel and turning on moderation
    • Press the "Save" button to save. Now two more headings, "Playlists" and "Members" appear. These options allow you to add Playlists and Members to your new channel.
    • For now just press the "Back to Channel" link to return to the main channel page.
  3. Add media to your new Channel
    • Press the "+ Add to Channel" button.
    • Check the checkbox for the media that you wish to add to your channel and press the "Publish" button.
  4. If needed, edit your Channel
    • Near the top right corner of your Channel page, click on the Menu icon and choose "Edit"
    • This takes you back to the previous page where you can add Members to your Channel and adjust settings
  5. Share your Channel page
    • From any page in MediaSpace select "My Channels" from the menu near the top of the page
    • Click on the video thumbnail for the Channel you wish to share
    • Copy the URL from the browser address bar and share with your audience
    • Note: any MediaSpace user can also find your Channel through the "Channels" option on the top menu