CourseShare for Graduate Students

The CourseShare program, which offers a variety of language and culture courses, is open to all University of Minnesota degree-seeking students. In addition, the following classes and other opportunities are intended specifically for graduate and professional students:

Language Courses for Reading and Research

These courses focus on reading to help prepare students to engage with target language text for research and scholarship. Some may also be used to complete graduate program language requirements. See your academic department advisor for more information about degree requirements. 

  • LANG 3014: Reading Catalan for Research Purposes (generally available Spring semesters)
  • LANG 1273: French for Reading Knowledge (generally available once per year, either Fall or Spring semester)
  • LANG 1311: Italian for Reading Knowledge (generally available Fall semesters)
  • LANG 1321: Spanish for Reading Knowledge (generally available Spring semesters)

Note: there are now two local reading courses available for graduate students: 

  • GER 222: Reading in German
  • PERS 5040: Readings in Persian Texts

Classical and Other Specialty Languages

The following courses are intended for graduate students or advanced undergraduates with a background in a related language or the history or region of the language.

  • LANG 1171: Beginning Aramaic I (available intermittently)
  • LANG 1201: Beginning Basque I (available intermittently)
  • LANG 2011: Accelerated Catalan I (available most Fall semesters)
  • LANG 5221: Introduction to Middle Egyptian & Hieroglyphics I (available Fall or Spring semester most years)
  • LANG 1081: Beginning Sanskrit I (available intermittently)
  • LANG 5451: Introduction to Sumerian (available intermittently)

Note: The Classical & Near Eastern Religions & Cultures department also offers several classical languages, including Latin, Greek and Biblical Hebrew, which are offered regularly, and Akkadian and Ugaritic, which are offered intermittently. See the department languages page for additional information. 

Graduate-Level Enrollment in Undergraduate Courses

Graduate students who require a graduate-level enrollment option for an undergraduate course should contact the Language Center at as soon as possible. This is a possibility for most, but not all language courses.