Musicology / Ethnomusicology

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The doctoral degree in musicology/ethnomusicology is oriented toward preparing students for scholarly research and teaching, aiming for breadth and depth in one specialized area. The program offers the emerging scholar:

  • Courses that prepare students for advanced research in their field
  • Interdisciplinary interaction within a comprehensive school of music and a major research university
  • A curriculum with a varied range of choices with respect to historical periods, analytical systems, and cultural areas.

For your PhD, you will be expected to meet the following requirements, including your post-baccalaureate study from other institutions:

  • 30 credits of musicology seminars, including Advanced Research in Historical Musicology and Current Issues in Ethnomusicology
  • 3 credits of music theory
  • 12 credits of supporting non-music coursework
  • Demonstration of reading knowledge in 2 foreign languages
  • Completion of written and oral preliminary exam
  • Completion of thesis or final project
  • Completion of final oral examination

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