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Real-World Experience

Performance students work with their studio faculty members through lessons, competitions, and recitals to prepare for taking professional auditions.  

Gig Board listings of Volunteer & Job Opportunities

The School of Music maintains an active gig board of music internships, job opportunities, and requests for performances for the music student and alumni community. Most opportunities provide payment or stipend.

Sectionals with the Minnesota Orchestra

The Pennock Family Fund provides the top wind and orchestral ensembles support for annual sectionals and side-by-side rehearsals with the Minnesota Orchestra. Additionally, ensemble directors often arrange professional experiences for School of Music students through partnerships with professional presenting organizations such as the Joffrey Ballet, the Minnesota Choral, and VocalEssence, among others.

Music Therapy Clinic

Under guidance from the music therapy faculty, music therapy students conduct research and practice in the on-campus music therapy clinic which regularly serves patients from the community. 

U of M Band Project

Instrumental music education students experience teaching musical concepts well before their final semester of student teaching experience in the University of Minnesota Band Project, a program directed by Dr. Laura Sindberg, which partners with area middle school band teachers to provide before- and after-class music instruction.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

Many music majors have taken advantage of the University of Minnesota's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, which funds students who produce new knowledge and creative work in partnership with the U of M's world-class faculty. Previously funded music UROP projects include:

  • Childs, E., & Grayson, D. (2013). String Quartet in E-Minor, Op. 121: The Dichotomy of Innovation and Tradition Within Gabriel Faure's 'Swan Song'.
  • Nesmith, C., & Silverman, M. J. (2015). Established psychosocial treatments for obsessive compulsive disorder and applications to music therapy. Funded undergraduate research project ($1400).
  • Little, A., & Silverman, M. J. (2014). Music therapy in the Deaf community: A literature review and music therapy interventions. Funded undergraduate research project ($1400).
  • Yu, J., & Silverman, M. J. (2013). Dalcroze Eurhythmics-Based music therapy with older adults. Funded undergraduate research project ($1550).
  • Mason, G., & Silverman, M. J. (2012). Effects of music therapy on mood and fatigue in patients on a surgical oncology unit: A randomized and controlled trial. Funded undergraduate research project ($1700).
  • Anderson, D., & Silverman, M. J. (2010). Effects of music therapy on fatigue on hospitalized patients recovering from a bone marrow transplant. Funded undergraduate research project ($600).
  • Crawford, I., & Silverman, M. J. (2010). Effects of music therapy on stress, relaxation, and mood of organ transplant patients and their caregivers. Funded undergraduate research project ($1700).
  • Chaput, J., & Silverman, M. J. (2009-2010). The effect of music therapy sessions on relaxation, anxiety, nausea, and pain in hospitalized patients and their caregivers on the surgical oncology unit. Funded undergraduate research project ($1700).
  • Madson, A., Huntsinger, M., & Silverman, M. J. (2008-2009). The effect of music therapy on quality of life in organ transplant patients and their caregivers. Funded undergraduate research project ($1700).
  • Trowbridge, A., & Silverman, M. J. (2007-2008). The effect of music therapy on pain, anxiety, nausea, and relaxation in patients who recently underwent organ transplant. Funded undergraduate research project ($1700).