Each fall, the School of Music awards a number of scholarships to incoming undergraduate students of the following programs:

A student's application for admission to the School of Music for these programs is also their application for music scholarships. For maximum scholarship and admission consideration, we encourage all applicants to complete their application to the School of Music by the music application deadline. Scholarships from the School of Music may be combined with scholarship offers from other areas of the University. 

"I came to the University of Minnesota from Wisconsin principally because I needed the financial support and flexibility of an institution with a strong music program. The expense of chasing a career in the performing arts is a sacrifice I could never compare to the worth of the art, but I cannot do it by myself, and I dedicate all of my musical success to date to those who have provided me with the opportunities to be successful, economically and otherwise, like this scholarship."— Aimi

Students who wish to ensure they are considered for scholarships from other areas of the University should...

  1. Apply for consideration for university-level scholarships and admission by completing the application to the University of Minnesota by the priority deadline.
  2. Complete the FAFSA by March 1. The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the code for the University of Minnesota is code 003969. Students who do not complete the FAFSA by March 1st cannot be considered for a wide range of awards. 
  3. International freshmen and international transfer applicants are automatically considered for Global Excellence Awards, which are available in the amounts of $10,000, $15,000, and $25,000. Awards are competitive; please contact for more details. 

For information on student employment opportunities, visit the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Work-Study.

For information on Tuition, Fees, and the Cost of Attendance, visit the Office of Admissions.