Undergraduate Minor in Philosophy

A philosophy minor is a great way to complement other majors at the U of M. Our courses will prepare you to think critically and problem-solve beyond the classroom—they will also help you transfer these skills to your major and your professional career.

For students in the sciences there are, for instance, courses in philosophy of science, epistemology, and logic. Literature students may be interested in philosophy of literature, philosophy of language, and history of philosophy. Students of the arts can take classes in not only the philosophy of art, but also the interpretation and evaluation of artistic creations.

For students planning to take advanced degrees, a minor in philosophy can easily be designed to complement any of the standard requirements for beginning post-graduate study. Those entering a teaching field, from the elementary level on, will find philosophical studies valuable both for their perspective on various academic subjects, in the ways described above, and for their contribution to critical thinking and effective communication.

If you are interested in developing these skills in a way that will enrich your major, a philosophy minor is for you! Email the director of undergraduate studies, Sarah Holtman, or stop by our office to learn more.