BA in Philosophy



A senior project is required for the major. 

See the Senior Project Guidelines for more information.

Philosophy is much more practical than you might think!  Because philosophy is so far-reaching, the method it uses for study enhances the study of other fields such as art, math, science, language, and law with tremendous success. It can also be a great complement to other majors as a second major or a minor.

As a philosophy BA student, you will develop vital writing, discussion, and critical thinking skills that are applicable across all professions. You will learn to critically analyze problems and solve them efficiently. Sometimes, it's not about the material you learn, but how you learn it. Philosophy will prepare you to tackle issues using critical thinking and collaboration. These abilities are critical in any profession and highly valued by many employers.

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Ethics and Civic Life

The ethics and civil life concentration allows students interested in ethics and community service to relate their experiences in the classroom to their work in the community, and vice-versa.

This track is optional for philosophy majors; those who complete it will receive acknowledgement on their transcripts of their accomplishments in this concentration.