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Diversity and Inclusion

Prospective students: Think about attending our
Diversity in Psychology Program, which will be
held in October 2019! See more information
on our Diversity in Psychology Program page.

The Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota strongly values cultural and individual diversity, and the importance of equal access to educational opportunities. The Department of Psychology is home to internationally known scholars with research expertise in ethnic minority mental health, intergroup relations, educational disparities, cross-cultural psychology, women's health, physical disabilities, adoption, and more. We affirm the mission, policies, and practices articulated by the University of Minnesota Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and the Office of the Vice President and Vice Provost for Equity and Diversity.

The University of Minnesota strives to advance research within topics focused on underrepresented minority groups in the behavioral sciences while providing a nurturing environment for students to explore and thrive in their areas of interest. The University of Minnesota values its diverse population and boasts an inclusive environment that fosters academic and personal growth. A fundamental goal of the University is to create a climate of equity and diversity to the benefit of all faculty, students, and staff.

Community of Scholars Program Lounge and Event Space Announced 

The Community of Scholars Program (COSP) has announced their COSP Lounge and Event Space is now open! The COSP Lounge will be a place for COSP students to relax, spend time with other COSP Scholars, get some work done, or visit with COSP staff.  There will be an official open house this Fall, but it is open for use now. The location is room 375 in the 10 Church St building (the old Bell Museum on East Bank, next door to both Nolte and Folwell Hall). Here a video of the space.

To learn more about the Community of Scholars Program (COSP) see here:

Diversity Office renamed following move to Grad School 

The Office for Diversity in Graduate Education has been renamed the Graduate School Diversity Office, effective immediately. This name change follows the Office's move from the Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) to the Graduate School in October, 2016. Note that the Diversity Office website has moved from OED to the Graduate School and has a new URL:

President Kaler on DACA Decision and the University's Stance 

To the University community,

I am deeply disappointed by the decision today to begin to rescind the Deferred Access for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

Along with my senior leadership team, we are especially concerned for young people registered in the program, many of whom are our students. They were given a promise that they would not be targeted for deportation. Today's decision, while delaying the process, still raises that unconscionable possibility.

Our students who enrolled in DACA are valued members of our university community.  Many DACA students have called Minnesota home for most of their lives. As a system, we will do everything possible under law to support them in the face of today's decision. 

DACA has changed lives and allowed young people to attend college, pursue graduate degrees and launch careers. In their quest to advance their lives and pursue their learning and life goals, these fellow Minnesotans represent what is best about our state and our nation. 

I stand with them and urge Minnesota's Congressional delegation to work to extend DACA to protect our students and their families, and to keep the promise of opportunity.

Despite today's federal government actions, the Minnesota Dream Act remains a state law that was adopted by the Board of Regents as the official policy for the University of Minnesota system. Students who meet the law's criteria will continue to receive in-state tuition and can apply for financial aid.

This nation and our state need a diversity of talent. In fact, recently the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has been leading a statewide discussion on our future workforce and the needs of our employers. It seems shortsighted to penalize not only students, but our employers, at a time when they and our state are in need of talented and educated workers.

We strongly encourage all students and staff affected by today's DACA decision to contact the Immigration Response Team or take advantage of the resources available on your campus. The team is ready to meet and consult with students who have questions about their immigration status or their situation at the university. Department heads and advisors can also consult with the Immigration Response Team. Faculty and advisors are also encouraged to refer students with concerns to the team for support and consultations.

I will personally monitor this situation carefully and ensure that the resources needed to care for DACA students are available. Read the full text.

        Eric W. Kaler, President
        University of Minnesota
        Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Affirming President Kaler's Remarks on Charlottesville, August 2017

"We support President Teresa Sullivan and the entire University of Virginia community, and we offer our sympathy to the families of those killed and those injured. Let it be perfectly clear that at the University of Minnesota there is no place for hate, we do not tolerate bigotry, and we denounce in the strongest terms the racist and anti-Semitic message of white supremacy."  Read the full text.

        Eric W. Kaler, President
        University of Minnesota
        August 14, 2017

Immigration Response Team update to "Travel Ban", May 2017
Today the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of the Trump administration's executive order known as the "travel ban" or "Muslim ban." Read more on our immigration policy updates. 

While this is not a final decision, for now, individuals from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen may continue to enter the United States with valid visas. Refugees, including from Syria, will continue to be resettled, and visa applications will continue to be processed.

Because things remain fluid, we strongly encourage international students and scholars who are considering travel outside the United States to consult with ISSS. The Immigration Response Team ( also remains available for questions and referrals.

"Living Our Own Story" - Dr. Moin Syed in Counseling Psychology is featured in a recent profile by the Office for Equity and Diversity. Learn more about Dr. Syed and his research interests.
"To Want the Tough Conversations" - Dr. Richard Lee in Counseling Psychology is featured by the university for his research on how parents and children in racially mixed families talk about race and racism.