Diversity and Inclusion Research

Many of our faculty are extensively involved with diversity research initiatives. Explore the academic and research endeavors of just a few of our faculty below.

  • Profile: Chris Federico

    Chris Frederico

    Chris Federico's Profile

    Political psychology; intergroup relations and racial attitudes; the psychology of legitimacy

  • Profile: Rich Lee

    Rich Lee

    Rich Lee's Profile

    Cultural psychology; ethnic minority mental health; international adoption; culture-specific interventions

  • Profile: Traci Mann

    Traci Mann

    Traci Mann's Profile

    Health behavior change, particularly in the context of women and dieting; Self-control; Stress and eating; Women and weight stigma

  • Profile: Deniz Ones

    Deniz Ones

    Deniz Ones' Profile

    Personnel selection and classification; personality assessment and research; cross-cultural research

  • Profile: Moin Syed

    Moin Syed

    Moin Syed's Profile

    Identity development among culturally and ethnically diverse youth; intersections among multiple identities; narrative psychology

  • Profile: Andrew Oxenham

    Andrew Oxenham

    Andrew Oxenham's Profile

    Auditory and speech perception with hearing loss, hearing aids, and cochlear implants

  • Profile: Yuhong Jiang

    Vanessa Lee

    Vanessa Lee's Profile

    Human attention and memory in people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD); brain mechanisms that allow humans to perceive, attend, learn, and remember visual input; visual and cognitive decision making

  • Profile: Gordon Legge

    Gordon Legge

    Gordon Legge's Profile

    Cognitive and biological; human visual perception; vision impairment; cognitive sciences