August 2020 Graduates

The Department of Psychology would like to congratulate the most recent group of graduate students (Baker, Joyal-Desmarais, Wright, Zhou) that have completed their long journey to a PhD.

Majel Baker

Area: Counseling
Advisor: Pat Frazier
Dissertation: Daily Sexism Experienced by Women in STEM Majors: Incidence and Relations to Belonging, Interest, and Intentions

Keven Joyal-Desmarais

Area: Social
Advisors: Alex Rothman, Mark Snyder
Dissertation: When and How Do Message Matching Interventions Work? Exploring Principles to Guide the Use of Message Matching Through a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, and an Experimental Study

Zara Wright

Area: CSPR
Advisor: Bob Krueger
Dissertation: The Complex Relationship Between Personality and Functioning

Anne Zhou
Area: Counseling
Advisor: Rich Lee
Dissertation: Exploring the Relationship between Barriers to Care with Intention to Seek Mental Health Services in College Students

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