Psy Scoop, 8/25/21

August 25th, 2021

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Psychology Advising Announcements

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1. Which Faculty Would You Like to Get To Know?

We recently piloted called Get to Know Your Faculty to help students connect with a faculty outside a classroom setting in an informal environment. In the past, we’ve featured Dr. Rich Douglass (Counseling), Dr. William Iacono (Clinical), Dr. Iris Vilares (Cognitive), and Dr. Bonnie Klimes-Dougan (Clinical) using the feedback we collected. Now, we want to hear from YOU about which faculty you would be interested in connecting with. Please fill out this feedback form to help us decide which faculty to feature in the upcoming semesters.

2. Psych Student Advisory Council Application 2021-22

Are you a psych major interested in helping the psych department at the U make progress? Do you want to improve your experience and other students’ experiences in the department? The Psychology Undergraduate Student Advisory Council (SAC) is the perfect way to do that! We are looking for passionate psych students to serve as members of the SAC. The SAC meets with the department leadership at least once a semester to voice their concerns as undergraduates. (All meetings for fall will be held virtually.) The position is for the entire academic year (2021-22) with the option of renewing membership for the next academic year. If you are interested in the position, please fill out the Google Form by Sunday, September 12th.

3. Psychology Class Seats - Check September 1st

The Department of Psychology reserves seats for new Transfer students each term. This year, any unused reserved seats in Psychology classes will open to all students on Wednesday, September 1st. Not all classes will have new open seats, but several that are currently closed may have new space(s) available. Please watch the registration system carefully if you had a specific class interest in Fall 2021. The University Waitlist process ends on the first day of classes. Waitlists are deleted as of that day. If you did not get into a class by the first day of class, you may regularly check the registration system during week 1 of the semester for a possible open seat available when another student drops. Psychology faculty/instructors will not provide permission to enroll in a closed class. Please do not contact them directly. If you have course scheduling concerns and planning needs, contact our Advising staff at with any questions. Need a seat in Psychology Capstone? For access to Capstone classes (PSY 3901/2/3W) - contact for immediate assistance.

4. Fall 2021 Psychology Engagement Award - $500!

Are you participating in an unpaid internship this Fall 2021 semester? Or engaging in a learning opportunity that takes you outside of the classroom for a unique experience? The Department of Psychology's Donor Awards for Psychology Undergraduate Engagement is available to support you! The purpose of these awards is to encourage and support psychology majors who engage in learning experiences beyond the University campus and classroom environments (i.e. unpaid internships, volunteer experiences, etc.). Up to three awards of $500 will be offered for Fall 2021. The application deadline is Monday, September 27th at 12:00 pm CSTFor details about the awards and application materials, visit our webpage.

5. Student Tech Support Services - Department of Psychology!

Set up PSY 1001 computer for lectures, maintain sound, lights, and computer functioning throughout lectures. (All professors have trouble starting videos, so the media aide will help them.) May be required to provide backup for video capture. Related tasks as assigned. The position is restricted to students admitted to an undergraduate degree program at the University of Minnesota. Students must be registered and maintain the minimum number of UM required credits. Must be available M, W, and F from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm at Willey Hall (West Bank TC campus) during the Fall semester (with the option to continue in Spring). Apply on the UMN Job Search site and look for job ID 340726. Starting pay is $12.50!

Psychology Student Group Announcements

All students interested in Psychology are welcome to participate in Psychology student organizations. No previous participation or membership is required. If you're interested, please attend! To learn more, visit our website.

6. Join the Association of Black Psychology Students

The Association of Black Psychology Students (ABPS) is currently recruiting new members and potential leaders for the organization. This Association gives students of African descent an opportunity to develop a professional network geared towards social sciences. Students are encouraged to sign up for emails to receive information about current events, educational opportunities, and webinars If you are looking to become more involved and connect with a committed group of students - please consider joining us or reaching out to learn more! For more information, email or during the Summer contact the group advisor Mike Houlahan at

7. IOPC Student Group - Returning Fall 2021

The Industrial-Organizational Psychology Club (IOPC) is currently recruiting new members and potential leaders for the organization. The goal of the I-O Psychology Club is to help undergraduates become more involved in I-O psychology by connecting them to peers, graduate students, and faculty with similar interests. For more information, contact the group advisor Mike Houlahan at

Courses of Interest

8. PSY 3896: Internship in Psychology - Fall 2021 (1-4 Credits)

Make an internship experience count toward your Major! PSY 3896: Internship in Psychology offers course credit (1-4) based on the number of hours that you work with your internship during the Fall 2021 semester. The online course assignments are a complement to your learning in your internship setting. Example sites from the past include People Serving People, Sexual Violence Center, Tubman, and the Walk-In Counseling Center. Look for more opportunities in the Psych Scoop and on GoldPass. The registration deadline is Monday, September 20th by 12:00 pm CST. Steps to register for PSY 3896:
1. Students secure an internship with a site - Fall 2021.
2. Submit the "Request an Experience" form on GoldPASS and receive approval.
3. The permission number to register for the course will then be emailed to you.
Looking for an internship? Check out this list of potential opportunities!

PSY 3896 is completely online and asynchronous.

Instructor: Mike Houlahan (

Note: this course counts as elective credit for the Psychology majors.

9. New Course Added for Fall 2021 - PSY 5064: Brain and Emotion (3 Credits)

Dr. Jonathan Gewirtz will now be offering PSY 5064: Brain & Emotion in Fall 2021! This popular course introduces students to the field of affective neuroscience. How does the brain promote emotional & motivated behavior in animals and humans? Explore the biological theories of emotion in historical & current theoretical contexts. Learn about the fundamental brain motivational systems, including fear, pleasure, attachment, stress, and regulation of motivated behavior.

PSY 5064 is in-person, Thursdays 4:00 pm– 6:30 pm

Instructor: Jonathan Gewirtz (

Note: this course counts as a Distribution A or elective credit for Psychology Majors. This course counts as elective credit for Psychology minors.

10. EPSY 5220-001: Special Topics: Quantitative Methods Test Development for Educational Contexts & Beyond - Fall 2021 (3 Credits)

Are you interested in developing a measure for your personal research project? Would you like to discover how large-scale tests are made? If so, this course is for you! You will learn best practices for developing tests that support appropriate score-based inferences for educational and other social science contexts. By the end of the class, you'll gain a foundational understanding of test construction, design, administration, and test fairness principles. Learn more and enroll.

EPSY 5220 is remote, Tuesdays 4:40 pm- 7:20 pm

Instructor: Joseph Rios (

Note: this course does not count as elective credit for Psychology majors or minors.


11. *Credit* Fall 2021 Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Social Psychology

We are seeking undergraduate students to work in Professor Marti Hope Gonzales’s research lab to help with a research project on how people explain wrongdoing and react when others confront them about their bad behavior. RAs will primarily assist in reviewing the literature, creating study materials, coding, and analyzing data. In addition, RAs will attend weekly meetings, which are typically 1-1.5 hours. During Fall Semester 2021, meetings will be held from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM on Tuesdays. Preference will be given to students (a) who have previous research experience, (b) who can attend weekly meetings (Zoom, in person depending on the present circumstance), and (c) commit to two or more semesters in the lab. If interested, please send your current transcript and your CV to Hyunsuk Lee ( by September 1st. Students will then be sent the application and considered for the position. Students may earn 3 credits for PSY 5993.

12. *Credit or Volunteer* Psychophysiology Lab

The laboratory of Dr. Justin Anker is looking for 1-2 undergraduate volunteers in an ongoing stress and psychophysiology study in the Department of Psychiatry. The purpose of the study is to identify markers of recovery for alcohol use disorder and other stress-related mental health conditions. Primary duties initially include the maintenance of experimental protocols (e.g. data entry, literature searches, assisting/prepping participants for psychophysiology data collection) with the opportunity for growth into greater responsibilities. This position requires a commitment of at least 10 hours per week. Those able to make a multiple-semester commitment will be given priority. If you are interested, please send a brief introduction and copy of your resume to the study contact, Meaghyn Kramer,

13. *Volunteer* Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Child Psychiatry

We are looking for students to volunteer in Dr. Meredith Gunlicks-Stoessel’s adolescent depression research lab. Students will primarily work on a research project evaluating the effectiveness of personalized interventions for adolescent depression delivered in community mental health care settings. Responsibilities will include administering data collection procedures with adolescents and parents, coding open-ended survey responses, and data entry. Qualified candidates must be highly motivated, able to work independently, detail-oriented, and willing to develop new skills as the need arises. Excellent written and oral communication and interpersonal skills; organizational skills; and comfort using basic computer programs such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Excel, and web applications are also required. Candidates must be pursuing a degree in Psychology or a related field and be willing to commit 4 hours per week for the academic year, including some weekday evenings and weekend mornings. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume (including GPA and class year) to

14. *Credit* Brain white Matter Structure and Substance Abuse

Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is a relatively new type of MRI scan that quantifies aspects of the fine structure of white matter, especially in the large fiber tracts that connect different brain regions. As such, it is a promising method for understanding the nature of the effects of problematic drinking and other forms of substance use on brain white matter microstructure. For this directed study, students will screen raw DTI data for image quality, a critical first step in analyses of DTI data to be conducted concerning associations between adolescent and young adult alcohol use and abuse and white-matter structure in a twin sample. Students will complete a 5-page paper on a topic of interest, such as a review of the longitudinal DTI literature as it relates to adolescent and young adult substance abuse or associations between a family history of problematic drinking and DTI. As a group, we will briefly review how DTI works, and we will discuss the cotwin-control method for separating true environmental effects from a predisposition based on genetic and family influences. If interested, send a copy of your transcript, resume, and a brief (one paragraph) statement of why you’re interested in this opportunity to both Drs. William Iacono ( and Steven Malone (

15. *Credit or Volunteer* CPSY 4994 Directed Research Opportunity Fall 2021

The Gunnar Lab in the Institute of Child Development is looking for student research assistants for fall 2021. Our research focuses on stress and the effects of early life experiences in children. We have a few research studies looking for help as testing specialists and experimenters. As a testing specialist, you will act as a judge or research buffer while participants give a speech and do verbal math. Testing specialists must be available for 1.5-2 hour shifts between 2:30-8:30 pm on multiple days, including weekends. Reliable internet and a good camera with recording capabilities are required as these research sessions will occur over Zoom. Students identifying as male are encouraged to inquire about the testing specialist role. Responsibilities as experimenters include recruiting, scheduling, and running research sessions. Experimenters must have flexibility in their schedule to correspond to research participants during weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. Students can earn between 1-3 credits for CPYS 4994. Preference will be given to those who can commit to two or more semesters in our lab. To learn more about these positions, please send your CV/resume and a short introduction to Bao Moua at to be considered.

16. *Credit or Volunteer* Undergraduate Student Opportunities in Research on Digital Phenotyping for Bipolar Disorders

We are seeking a highly motivated, responsible, and detail-oriented undergraduate of sophomore or junior standing to contribute to a study examining the usefulness of smartphone apps in tracking symptom and functional changes in adults with bipolar disorders in the laboratory of Dr. Snezana Urosevic at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System. Both credit and volunteer opportunities are available. We request that applicants are willing to make a one-year commitment to the lab, including a 9-hour weekly commitment (3 credits). Opportunities and responsibilities include participant recruitment and retention, data collection, entry, and verification, and learning about digital phenotyping methods in psychopathology research. The research assistant will also attend laboratory meetings and have an opportunity to develop independent research questions based on their interests and available data. Past RAs have authored poster presentations and contributed to manuscript submissions. Competitive applicants will have a strong interest in pursuing graduate-level education and an excellent academic record. Due to VA requirements, RAs must be US citizens. If you are interested, please contact Kasey Stack by email at and attach an unofficial transcript, a cover letter, and a resume.

17. *Credit or Volunteer* REPAIR Lab Research Assistant

The Research Exploring Psychological Assessment and Individualized Rehabilitation (REPAIR) Lab, led by Dr. Jacob Finn, at the Minneapolis VA is currently looking for a new volunteer research assistant. The REPAIR Lab largely focuses on traumatic brain injury (TBI) in service members and veterans in both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings. Research assistant duties include screening and recruiting participants, scheduling research appointments, conducting follow-up assessments, administering interviews to assess functioning, documenting efforts in clinical charts, coordinating participant payments, collaborating with members of the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team, and disseminating results locally. Dr. Finn expects volunteer research assistants to commit at least 8 hours per week to the lab. Due to the training commitment required, volunteers are expected to commit to at least one calendar year in the lab (with time off between semesters). REPAIR research takes place in a medical rehabilitation environment, and as such, professional behavior and attire are expected. Ideal candidates will have a GPA ≥ 3.2, strong organizational and interpersonal skills, and a proficiency in Microsoft Office products. Per Department of Veterans Affairs policy, all research assistants must be U.S. citizens. Interested parties should send a copy of their transcripts and a curriculum vitae/résumé to Dr. Jacob Finn (

Jobs/Internship Opportunities

IMPORTANT: Organizations listed below are not necessarily affiliated with or endorsed by the Department of Psychology or Psychology Undergraduate Advising. Please exercise the same discretion you would in viewing any other source.

18. Certified Cognitive Skills Trainer - LearningRx

We are currently seeking energetic individuals who have a strong desire to positively impact the lives of others through our intensive cognitive training program. Join our team as a Certified Cognitive Skills Trainer at one of our centers in Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, or Shoreview. Like a personal trainer for the brain, our Certified Cognitive Skills Trainers work with students in an intense, one-on-one environment to improve learning, reading, and math. We utilize specific research-supported techniques to strengthen cognitive learning skills, attention, and memory in students from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups such as K-12 students, adults, and those with traumatic brain injuries and other cognitive impairments. We are looking for quick thinking, high-energy individuals who are pursuing or have completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology or other social science. We require at least four weekdays with availability from 4- 8 pm or three weekdays from 4- 8 pm and Saturdays 9 am- 12 pm. This is a great long-term part-time position for individuals seeking psychology experience. Starting pay of $15/hr plus a signing bonus of $500 and performance bonus' up to $2.50 per hour / per client. Internship credit is available in addition to pay. Training and certification are provided. For more information and to request an interview email your resume, preferred location(s), and consistent availability for the position to Nate Maus at

19. Part-Time Research Assistant Position in Psychiatry Department

This person will serve as a primary research assistant (RA) to the research coordinator working on multiple NIH-funded research protocols focused on alcoholism and anxiety disorders. The RA will assist with patient recruitment (20%), ongoing patient assessment (80%) including diagnostic interviews, data collection, data entry and verification, appointment scheduling, and reminders. Hours for the position are flexible but priority is given to afternoon hours, Monday through Friday. Occasional weekend hours may be required. A minimum commitment of one year is requested. This position requires a keen sense of detail, adherence to standard lab procedures including timeliness and professionalism, and all responsibilities are to be completed according to strict adherence to the Federal Code of Regulations and Good Clinical Practice Standards. Training will be provided. Opportunities for advancement, including the possibility of full-time employment, will depend upon the quality of performance and the needs of the program. You can apply through the UMN Job Search Site and search for job code 342875.

20. Residential Counselor - Avanti

Share your talent and experiences to enrich the lives of youth who are struggling with their mental health. Join a team of passionate people, develop your skills, and begin your career working for the common good. Avanti helps youth ages 12-17 and whose sex is assigned as female build hope and a path forward. As part of Volunteers of America Minnesota and Wisconsin, Avanti provides therapeutic residential treatment. With the support of staff, residents learn to leverage their strengths to develop self-love, mindfulness, and healthy habits that promote well-being for life. We don’t just save lives; we help build them. Get paid while gaining experience in the mental health field with a $500 sign-on bonus, wages starting at $16.50/hr, and performance raises every 6 months. Requirements: must be 21 years of age, have a driver’s license, and have a high school diploma or GED. Apply today or reach out to Brienna Cool at if you have any questions about applying.

21. Clinical Assistant at Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Institute

The Clinical Assistant role at ADCI is an entry-level healthcare job opportunity for students pursuing either medical school or physician assistant programs. Candidates have the opportunity to gain direct patient care experience (room patients, gather medical histories, assist in procedures, and direct post-procedure care), gain healthcare experience (work directly with MD and PAs, assist nursing staff in processing procedure results, perform clerical duties including documenting visit findings, inputting prescriptions, and transcribing visit notes), build relationships with other pre-health students, and earn letters of recommendation from MD and PAs for graduate programs. We are ideally looking for college seniors who could start part-time 2-3 days/week and transition to full-time upon graduation, or recent graduates who could start part-time or full-time 3-5 days/week. We are looking for a commitment of 2-3 years until candidates start MD or PA programs. Send resumes to Candidates may call 952-915-6000 to learn more about the position as well.


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