Psych Scoop, 11/22/22

November 22nd, 2022

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Psychology Advising Announcements

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1. Psychology Advising Closed Thursday, November 24th, and Friday, November 25th

The Psychology Advising office will be closed on Thursday, November 24th, and Friday, November 25th for official University holiday. If you have any questions during that time, please be sure to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible, starting Monday, November 28th.

2. Alumni Spotlight: Omar Ahmed

Psych Advising has started a monthly alumni spotlight to showcase what our amazing alumni are up to! Omar Ahmed (Spring '20) works as a Clinical Outcomes Coordinator for Gillette Children's. Read more about his tips on finding a career path, getting the most out of your major, and moreNominate someone who you think would be great to spotlight, including yourself!

3. Get the "Scoop" on Psych Research

Monday, December 12, 2022, 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm CST
Cost: Free
Location: S204 Elliott Hall

At this gathering, we will serve Ice Cream and provide you with the opportunity to connect with fellow psychology students participating in research labs. You will connect with fellow Psychology Students & Eat Ice Cream! You will hear & converse with current students in psych research labs. You will be able to ask q's such as (how'd they secure their position, what they do for research, and what the research process is like from a student perspective). Please RSVP online by or on Friday, December 9th so we can adjust materials to the attendance size.

Courses of Interest

4. PSY 3896: Internship in Psychology - 1-4 Credits - Spring 2023

Make an internship experience count toward your PSY Major! PSY 3896 class credits (1-4 credits) are based on the number of hours that you work at your internship during the Spring 2023 semester. Online course assignments are a complement to your learning in your internship setting. Students must apply to and accept a position on their own, but guidance is available. Example sites include Minneapolis Public Schools, People Serving People, Sexual Violence Center, Tubman, and the Walk-In Counseling Center. Look for more opportunities in the Psych Scoop and even more on HandshakeRead more about what students have to say about PSY 3896! Our office is also hosting Internship Info Sessions throughout the month of November which you can RSVP for now. Steps to register for PSY 3896:
1.) Student secures an internship with a site
2.) Submit a "Request an Experience" form on Handshake and receive approval
3.) Permission number to register for the course will then be emailed to you

PSY 3896 is completely online

Instructor: Michael Houlahan

Note: this course counts as elective credit for the Psychology majors only.

5. PSY 4960 - 002: Introduction to Open Science - 3 Credits - Spring 2023

Open Science has become a term more frequently used in psychological research. Though the term has no single definition, it refers to processes that allow for more transparent and more accessible research. How do we incorporate open science into our research? In this class, students will gain an understanding of what open science is, why it is important to consider open science principles in our research, and how to use open science tools. Specifically, the course will begin by discussing the history of psychological research and the replication crisis and will move into identifying open science principles and associated tools. Students will gain hands-on experience with preregistrations, reproducing analyses in R, and replicating findings from psychological studies. This course will require both group work and independent work to gain a deeper understanding of open science principles. Though not required, a basic understanding of R programming will be helpful for this course. It is strongly suggested that students take PSY3801: Introduction to Psychological Measurement and Data Analysis prior to taking this course, but it is not required.

PSY 4960 - 002 will meet in Bruininks Hall 131B, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am- 11:30 am CST

Instructor: Dr. Amanda Woodward

Note: this course counts as elective credit for the Psychology majors only.

6. PSY 4960 - 003: Race and the Developing Child - 3 credits - Spring 2023

this course, students review racial, ethnic, and cultural (hereafter: REC) diversity in child and youth development and how this diversity influences their lives. Students will learn about the long history and recent resurgence of research into the role of REC contexts for children and adolescents. This research often challenges popular notions while revealing broader themes regarding the role of REC in development. Consequently, a main goal of this course is for students to learn about these research findings and draw implications for child and youth development, particularly for those populations who are stigmatized due to racial, ethnic, and cultural status. A second main goal of the course is for students to learn about the developmental progression in how children and youth make sense of the REC aspects of their lives and social worlds. Students can apply this knowledge to design developmentally-sensitive programming and dialogues with children and youth. A third goal of the course is for students to develop understanding of broad themes and principles that are consistent across REC contexts but may be expressed differently in specific REC contexts. These broad themes include ethnic/racial stigmatization, cultural socialization, and REC identity development which are expressed differently in each ethnic, racial and cultural context. The fourth goal of the course is for students to gain skill in understanding how themes associated with a particular REC group are expressed uniquely by individuals. No enforced prerequisites, PSY 3001W or equivalent recommended.

PSY 4960 - 003 will meet in Burton Hall 125, Tuesdays from 5:00 pm- 7:30 pm CST

Instructor: Dr. Juan Del Toro

Note: this course counts as elective credit for the Psychology majors only.

7. PSY 5960 - 001: Anxiety-Related Choice: Psychology, Neurobiology, and Clinical Relevance - 3 credits - Spring 2023

Over the past 30 years, decision science has made significant advances in understanding the mechanisms of choice and the underlying brain processes but has done so almost exclusively for economic or reward-based decisions to the exclusion of anxiety-related choices. This is a significant omission given broad consensus that anxious reactivity is often a crucial factor motivating human choice. Furthermore, decision-making abnormalities are a core component of clinical anxiety whereby heightened anxiety motivates excessive decisions to avoid the source of threat at the cost of missed opportunities to pursue valued outcomes. Anxiety-related choice is thus critical to both basic decision science and clinical applications of this knowledge. This seminar surveys the fundamental concepts, methods, and psychobiological findings on reward-related choice with an eye toward applications to anxiety-related choice. Furthermore, we will review the existing literature on the basic psychological and neural mechanisms subserving anxiety-related choice and what goes awry with such mechanisms in the case of clinical anxiety. No enforced prerequisites, PSY 3001W or equivalent recommended.

PSY 5960 - 001 meeting pattern is TBA and will be based on instructor & student availability

Instructor: Dr. Shmuel Lissek,

Note: this course counts as elective credit for the Psychology majors only.

8. CSPH 3211: Living on Purpose: An Exploration of Self, Purpose & Community - 2 credits - Spring 2023

Looking for an elective this spring? Consider CSPH 3211 Living on Purpose: An Exploration of Self, Purpose & Community (2 cr). Define what "living purposefully" means to you. Weekly topics include personal values, strengths, contemplative practices, inner ways of knowing, self-compassion, sources of happiness, and mindfulness. This is a blended course with three in-person classes that provide time for community and support. Read more about the course online. Check Schedule Builder for meeting times.

Note: this course does not count for credit for the Psychology majors or minors.

9. EPSY Counselor Education Research Practicum Courses - Spring 2023

The Counselor Education Program in the Department of Educational Psychology would like to invite you to register for one of our Spring 2023 Counseling Research Practicum courses! These courses will help you explore your research interests, and develop research skills that you can use in counseling, psychology, human service, and related fields. Graduate students and upper-level undergrads are welcome to enroll.

Note: this course does not count for credit for the Psychology majors or minors.

10. EPSY 1281: Psychological Science Applied - 4 credits - Spring 2023

EPSY 1281 introduces students to applied psychology as a discipline and reviews fundamental principles of psychology through the lenses of applied and professional areas. We spend a lot of time building relationships and developing learning strategies that will help you thrive in this class and all of your other classes. Each topic applies concepts from psychology to real-world problems. The course serves as a foundation for future coursework in education, health sciences, and psychology. The course is designed to meet the Liberal Arts/Social Sciences core requirement. More info and enroll online.

Note: this course does not count for credit for the Psychology majors or minors.


11. Personal Statement Consultations for International Students

starts Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Cost: Free
Location: Various

Are you an undergraduate international student (F-1 or J-1 visa) preparing an application for a graduate or professional school program? The Personal Statement is an important part of the application process! Visit the Personal Statement Consultations Program to receive feedback on your statement from trained international graduate student Personal Statement Consultants! We have three options for you to receive feedback (depending on weekly availability): in-person 30-minute consultation, Zoom 30-minute consultation, and asynchronous video feedback and comments for you to review on your own time. Our international graduate student consultants are uniquely able to share their experiences with you and to be a part of your support system on your graduate school application journey. The Personal Statement Consultations program is open November 15th through January 13th. Learn more and sign up online.


12. Apply for PSY 5993 Enrichment Program

As part of the Building Pathways committee’s aim to increase engagement in research-related psychology careers among underrepresented students (based on the Recommendations to Enhance Equity and Inclusion in our Teaching, Research, and Service), we have created an enrichment program for students enrolled in PSY 5993, to support and enhance students’ research experiences. The program will consist of weekly meetings with a cohort of 10-20 students to provide support for PSY 5993 research experiences, build research-related skills, learn about research-related career opportunities, and present their work. Participation in this program will also include up to $500 in tuition support. We would like to invite undergraduates who identify with groups underrepresented in psychology research careers to consider participating in this program by completing a brief application. The form is due at 12:00 pm CST on Friday, December 9th, and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

13. *Credit or Volunteer* PSY 4993/5993 Opportunity with Prosocial Research Projects

We are looking for a motivated undergraduate student to assist with a doctoral dissertation on volunteering. Due to the nature of the work and the virtual nature of research, successful students will need to be self-motivated. Briefly, the student will assist with tasks related to data collection, data analysis, literature search/review, and R coding. There is a strong preference for those who have some familiarity with the R statistical software as well as being interested in prosocial action and/or volunteering. Interested students can apply online. Please contact Joshua Braverman at with any questions or to express interest. The deadline to apply for the Spring semester position is December 1st.

14. *Credit or Volunteer* I/O Psychology Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunity [VIRTUAL]

We are looking for several motivated and responsible students to assist with a current research project on corporate social responsibility in Professor Deniz Ones’ Corporate Social Responsibility Research Lab, headed by Phoebe Hessen. Research assistants can participate in the lab either on a volunteer basis or for credit in PSY 5993 in Spring 2023 (applicants who plan to take the lab for credit will be preferred). The research project is focused on understanding the content of organizations’ social responsibility reporting. RA’s will work closely with a Ph. D. student to carry out tasks including conducting literature reviews and background research, collecting critical incidents of socially responsible behavior from organizations’ sustainability reporting, reading and making judgments about these incidents (i.e., coding), and data analysis. The program will begin with intensive onboarding the week of January 9th-13th (~20 hours, 5 synchronous and 15 asynchronous). Weekly meetings will be held throughout the semester to discuss progress and assist with any difficulties (held virtually through Zoom for the entirety of the semester). Prospective applicants should fill out a brief application. Please contact Phoebe Hessen at with any questions or for more information. Deadline to apply for a Spring semester position is December 5th, but applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

15. *Credit or Volunteer* Community Policing Project

We are looking for an undergraduate who can help with an ongoing community policing project. Having a car is a requirement as some of the work needs to be done at the police station with which we are partnering. Hours are about 10/week. Please send a resume or CV, unofficial transcription, and a brief introduction of who you are and why helping with this research project is of interest to you to Professor Vohs at

16. *Credit* PSYC 5993 Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research Opportunity

Dr. Robert Krueger's lab is recruiting three research assistants (RA) for two longitudinal projects on cognition, relationships, and personality. These projects will involve a range of different tasks including attending lab meetings, data management, participant relocation, and other tasks based on the needs of the projects. Preference will be given to students who are able to commit to more than one semester. Some tasks may be able to be completed remotely. As an RA, you will report to the Project Coordinator. Email Matt Gunderson at for more information.

17. *Credit* Social Psychology Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Professor Marti Hope Gonzales is seeking undergraduate students who are interested in gaining experience in social-psychological research in the Spring 2023 semester. As part of our research on homophobic epithets and the motives underlying their use, we are asking participants to briefly describe a time when they overheard the use of a slur used either derogatorily by straight men or appropriatively by gay men. This is where you come in! We need detail-oriented, thoughtful individuals to help us code these short responses so that we can learn how participants reacted to those real-world situations, what motives they ascribed to the people who used the slur, and what psychological factors influence participants' inferences and reactions. Ultimately, we hope to learn whether these factors will convert passive bystanders to active allies. If you are interested in joining our research team and registering for our section of PSY 5993, please contact Ian O'Dowd at In your reply, please let us know (1) whether you have had research experience in psychology (especially any experience coding qualitative data); (2) what psychology courses you have completed (preference will be given to students who have completed statistics, research methods, and social psychology, but this is not a requirement to register for this course); and (3) what you hope to learn by participating in research.

18. *Credit* Undergraduate Directed Research Opportunity (CPSY 4994) at the Institute of Child Development

We are looking for responsible, enthusiastic, and detail-oriented students to work in Professor Glenn Roisman's Relationships Research Laboratory in the Spring of 2023 to help with transcription of interviews about participants' childhood experiences with their primary caregivers. Prospective undergraduate research assistants must be prepared to sign up for 3 credits (approximately 10 hours of work per week, including a flexible schedule and 1-2 weekly, hour-long lab meetings). Please contact Professor Roisman by email ( if you are interested and indicate your availability for an informal, 15-minute Zoom interview to take place after the Thanksgiving holiday. Professor Roisman asks that you send to him prior to your appointment your resume and a brief writing sample (no more than 1-page excerpt) from a college paper.

19. *Credit* Spring 2023 Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Social Psychology

We are seeking undergraduate students to work in Professor Mark Snyder’s research lab to work closely with Professor Snyder and senior graduate student Hyun-suk Lee on a research project on a meta-analytic review on prosocial behaviors. RAs will primarily assist in reviewing the literature, and coding data. In addition, RAs will attend a weekly meeting, which will take about 1 hour. The specific day and time for meetings will be determined once students commit to registering for PSY 5993. Preference will be given to students (a) who have previous research experience, (b) who can attend weekly meetings (Zoom, in person depending on the present circumstance), and (c) commit to two or more semesters in the lab. If interested, send your CV to Hyun-suk Lee ( by Saturday, December 17th. Students will then be sent the application and considered for the position. Students may earn 3 credits for PSY 5993.

Learning Abroad

20. National Student Exchange (NSE) - Apply for the 2023-2024 School Year!

Now is the time to plan your NSE exchange for summer 2023, fall 2023, or spring 2024! Through NSE, you can study at another school in the U.S., Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands for a summer, semester, or year! There are over 180 NSE campuses available for exchange. NSE is affordable and accessible, and credits transfer back easily into your degree. February 15th, 2023 is the priority application deadline for the 2023/2024 school year. Begin your NSE application anytime.

Graduate School

Find Diversity Weekend programs - includes Fall, Spring, and Summer programs. Updated frequently.

21. Master of Marketing Program Virtual Information Session

Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm CST
Cost: Free
Location: Online

Information sessions are a great opportunity for you to get general information about the Master of Marketing program, presented by the MS Programs staff. Following a program overview presentation is a Q & A session. This is an ideal session for people who want to pursue a Carlson School's Master of Marketing program but did not have the chance to research the program. Register through our website.

22. Get Ready to Save on the GRE General Test!

From November 25th-28th, aspiring students can save big on the GRE General Test and our new Official GRE Mentor course. At midnight eastern time on Nov. 25, the following discount codes will be activated. Use USFRIDAY85 for $85 off the GRE General Test when you register to test in the United States by March 31, 2023. The code is good for three uses per person. Use USFRIDAY40 for $40 off Official GRE Mentor. The code is good for one use per person. Note that to take advantage of both the test and prep discounts, you’ll need to make two separate purchases, as our system allows for only one promo code per transaction.

Engagement Opportunities

23. Clinic Receptionist - Walk-In Counseling Center

Walk-In Counseling Center has a great need for in-person afternoon clinic receptionists for the first term 2023 schedule starting in January. We are hoping to reopen for in-person services at the Minneapolis location (2421 Chicago Avenue South) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon from 12:45 pm to 5 pm and will need two clinic receptionists for each of these teams. If you are interested in volunteering as an in-person afternoon clinic receptionist, please go to Walk-In's website and complete a clinic receptionist application and send it to Pang Chang by email at ASAP.

Jobs/Internship Opportunities

IMPORTANT: Organizations listed below are not necessarily affiliated with or endorsed by the Department of Psychology or Psychology Undergraduate Advising. Please exercise the same discretion you would in viewing any other source.

24. Research Assistant, Center for Care Delivery and Outcomes Research (CCDOR) Minneapolis VA Health Care System

The Center for Care Delivery and Outcomes Research (CCDOR) has an opening for a half or full-time Research Assistant for a funded suicide prevention study that will lay a foundation for understanding the effective treatments and supports needed for Veterans who experience a suicide loss, including women and Native and Indigenous Veterans. Using explanatory sequential mixed methods, this study will identify the mental health outcomes associated with knowing someone who has died by suicide and risk and protective factors. The research assistant will join an interdisciplinary team and work under Dr. Nina Sayer, a clinical psychologist and health services researcher with expertise in trauma-related mental health disorders and healthcare. Responsibilities involve preparing survey mailings, monitoring recruitment, scheduling and administering phone interviews, scanning completed surveys, literature reviews, and assisting with dissemination activities. The yearly salary for half-time is $24,158 and for full time is $48,317. Position renewable, pending performance review, for up to three years. To be considered for this position, please submit a CV/resume and a cover letter to Robert Orazem, Ph.D., at by November 23, 2022.

25. Office Assistant/Peer Advisors - CLA Student Services Johnston Hall

The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Student Services office is looking for peer advisors! Our office provides direct service to students as a key information, intake, peer advising, and referral office for all CLA undergraduate students. As a peer advisor in the CLA Student Services office located in Johnston Hall, serves as a pivotal outreach and communication arm of CLA Student Services (CLASS) for students, faculty, staff, the university community, and the general public. Functionally, the CLASS team operates as the "front door" of the College for the majority of our incoming first-year and transfer students. Our team also supports CLA advising by assisting students with basic advising decisions and referrals to professional advising staff. The CLASS office staff coordinates registration and orientation operations for the college, maintains student records, and provides mail and equipment services to CLASS. The CLASS office staff provides critical central support and communications for advising functions throughout CLASS, including the student advising communities, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Program, Individualized Degree Programs, and the First and Second Year Experience program. Students served are continuing CLA students with special emphasis on newly admitted students. Applications must be submitted online and must attach a cover letter and resume for consideration. Learn more & apply online by searching job ID #352634.

26. OTE Student Hiring: 2023 Welcome Week & Orientation Interns!

Orientation & Transition Experiences has three exciting internship opportunities available during the upcoming 2023 programming cycle! The positions are Orientation Intern (2) and Welcome Week Intern. The hiring for these roles will take place in December with start dates in January and each role will start at $15.50 hourly. The Orientation Intern (2) is responsible for planning, developing, implementing content, and supporting the overall orientation programs for students, parents, and families. With a focus on program logistics, the Orientation Intern will be involved in planning for Spring Transfer programming (January), and summer programming (Orientation & Welcome week transfer track) for new students and parent and family programs. The Welcome Week Intern is responsible for helping to support the planning and implementation of the Welcome Week program. The Welcome Week Intern helps to manage operational components for the Welcome Week program including logistics for event planning, student leader and staff training components, and execution of events. For more information about these roles, please visit the OTE Leadership WebpageApplications will be accepted through at least November 30 through our Qualtrics Application Form.

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