Psychology Staff Awarded for Outstanding Service

At the CLA Outstanding Service Award ceremony on February 6, 2020, the Department of Psychology was well represented. We are proud to be staffed by outstanding people.

Rachel Hawley, associate director of the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research (MCTFR) received the Outstanding Service Award for her work in research development and operations by helping the MCTFR continue to advance and achieve its academic mission.

Mary Simonsen, senior undergraduate adviser was a double award winner, the first for her commitment to advocating career readiness and for her exceptional dedication and passion to advise undergraduate psychology students.

Both undergraduate advisers, Korrina Griffith and Mary Simonsen received the Outstanding Service Award for their contribution as part of the Departmental Peer Advisor Training Sub-Committee.  Griffith’s focus in the workgroup was the implementation of the technical aspects of the project. She created a Canvas module with tutorials for peer advisors. Simonsen was one of the forces behind creating the Campus Referral Modules and led collaboration with 16 various offices for the referral videos.  Additionally, Simonsen and Griffith helped create content for the Curriculum Module and major/minor declaration process.


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