Toh Wins CLA 3MT

Headshot of Yi Ni Toh

Congratulations to Yi Ni Toh for winning the College of Liberal Arts three-minute thesis competition! Toh is a graduate student in the Cognitive and Brain Science (CAB) area advised by Dr. Vanessa Lee. Toh is interested in psychological processes that lead to lapses in attention and memory errors. Her research identifies ways in which people can better attend to and remember important moments. Her presentation titled "Ping! When Distraction Improves Attention" was well-received. It earned her $100 and $250 for winning 1st place in the departmental and the CLA competition respectively. Toh advanced to the University level and competed against 7 other finalists from different colleges at the University-wide competition on November 11th, 2022. 

The three-minute thesis is a research communication competition for graduate students that challenges students to communicate the significance of their work to a general audience in a very limited time! 


Check out Toh's presentation!

Yi Ni Toh, CAB graduate student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota.

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