Vieth Quoted in Vox

Headshot of Grace Vieth

In a Vox article titled, “Is this friendship over?” the pains of friendship breakups are explored. Grace Vieth, a PhD student who studies how friendships end, shares in the article that friendships are among the most important relationships in people’s lives. Therefore, when it comes to friendship breakups, they can be just as painful as romantic or familial ones. 

Vieth describes that life changes are a large cause of passive dissolutions of friendships (e.g., “ghosting”). The other type of friendship breakup, although less common, is an active breakup where individuals discuss their friendship and the next steps to end it. Vieth notes that one method is not preferable to the other when ending a friendship. Rather, it is all context-dependent. 


Grace Vieth, graduate student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota

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