Alumni Spotlight: Anusha Duggirala

Anusha Duggirala

Anusha Duggirala (she/her)

Major: PSY BA (Fall 2020)
Position: Clinical Research Coordinator 
Employer: UMN Department of Neurology

What is your work like? What are your duties?

I manage neurology research trials, specifically involving brain plasticity in patients with multiple sclerosis. I perform patient visits, lab work, MRI scans, and maintain regulatory documents. I also work closely with the IRB and sponsors of clinical trials. 

How would you say your psychology degree has helped you with your current job?

The course layout for the psychology degree helps prepare for many different career paths, especially one in research. Having the option to be involved in research labs while completing my degree has helped me understand what it takes to be a researcher and solidified my interest. The Intro to Research Methods course in particular was helpful and I have applied much of this knowledge in my current position. 

In what way has your major complemented your current job?

My main interest is in cognitive psychology, and the trials I am working on involve cognitive impairment. My courses and research experience during undergrad have helped me gain the skills needed for my current job.

How did you find your current position? Please include any resources you may have used (UMN or otherwise)

LinkedIn, UMN Job Board

What advice do you have for our current psych students and recent grads?

Get involved with your community during your undergrad career, whether it be research, volunteering, or a job. Take the time to explore and find what you love! Your psychology degree can really be applied to any field you wish, you just have to own the connection.

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