Alumni Spotlight: Greta Regan


A headshot of Greta Regan, smiling with a tree in the background

Greta Regan (she/her)

Major: PSY BA (Spring 2016)
Position: Software Engineer
Employer: ProAg

What is your work like? What are your duties?

Write high quality code, collaborate with development team, resolve bugs, work in a team that builds applications for insurance purposes.

How would you say your psychology degree has helped you with your current job?

It has helped me in so many ways - how to collaborate with many types of people, how to communicate effectively, and understand the diversity within a workplace.

In what way has your major complemented your current job?

My psychology major has allowed me to have a strong foundation of communication, empathy, and written skills which I use every day.

How did you find your current position? Please include any resources you may have used (UMN or otherwise)

I worked with a career coach in order to shift from education to technology, and found my current position using a recruiter from MTW recruiting. 

What advice do you have for our current psych students and recent grads?

Always find opportunities to learn more and connect with people, even if it’s with something you don’t think you’re interested in. You never know!

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