Meet Our Students: Margaret Jaeger

Margaret Jaeger

Social Psychology

Headshot of Margaret Jaeger

Where are you from?

I am from Oxford, Ohio.

Tell us about your research at the University.

My research focuses on influence processes in close relationships, and how they relate to physical health outcomes. I'm particularly interested in how and why certain couples are more willing to accept the influence of their partners or influence their partners themselves.

Why did you decide to study at the University of Minnesota?

\My decision was two-fold. First, I had a strong research fit with my advisor at UMN so I knew I would be able to conduct the research I was most interested in, and second, the program as a whole felt very collaborative and friendly, which was the type of environment I knew I'd thrive in.

What would have been helpful for you prior to applying?

Take advantage of every opportunity to ask folks (faculty at the program, current or past students at the program, faculty you've worked with at your own institutions, etc.) about their experiences, who thrives in a program you're applying to, and what they wish they would have known before undergoing the application process or choosing an institution is really helpful. No one person knows everything, so getting as many perspectives as you can paint a better picture of what you're getting into with any given program or path choice.

What would you like potential applicants to the PhD program to know?

Make sure you find a program with a culture that matches what you value. Some programs are more competitive and others are more collaborative, some are more industry-oriented, others are more academia-oriented. Finding a good fit in terms of what the program values is key to making the most of your time as a graduate student. 

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