Obtaining Diverse Life Skills through Liberal Arts

Profile: Adrienne Manbeck

Hometown: Providence, RI

Major: Psychology

Adrienne Manbeck is a particular example of how the Department of Psychology prepares its students for their future. Currently, Adrienne is a research assistant in the Anxiety Neuroscience Grounded in Cross Species Translation (ANGST) Lab under the direction of Professor Shmuel Lissek. As part of her involvement with the ANGST Lab, Adrienne recruits and runs participants at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital as well as processing the corresponding data. In addition, Adrienne serves on the editorial board of Sentience, Minnesota's Undergraduate Journal of Psychology."I think as a researcher, as a scientist, or even someone who wants to be an active citizen of the world, you need to be able to take your experiences, learn from them, and synthesize them into some greater knowledge. Liberal arts can help you think of the world in different way and take a step back from your experiences to really understand your place in the world."

Aside from her work within the Department of Psychology, Adrienne also plays an active role within the College of Liberal Arts as a Team Leader for CLA First Year Experience. "I'm working to create some assignment and engagement opportunities for students to understand what it means to be a student researcher and about their path towards a position in research." The CLA First Year Experience program is designed to welcome freshmen to the University and to provide resources that enable students to thrive at college.

Adrienne is also involved with the Tubman Chrysalis Center, connecting clients with resources that best fits their needs, whether it's pro-bono attorneys or counselors that may be able to provide further support.

Adrienne values the diversity provided by the College of Liberal Arts. "I think my [Liberal Arts education] has been important in providing different perspectives, perspectives that don't necessarily align with my own and this has helped me to better connect with the world and the people in it."

In the future, Adrienne plans to continue her interest in Clinical Psychology. "After graduation, I would like to go to a graduate program in which I could get my PhD in clinical psychology. I would like to go to a program that emphasizes research but also teaches clinical competence."

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