Vina Goghari: Guiding the Next Generation

Vina Goghari standing outside in a black blouse

Vina Goghari (PhD ‘09, MA ‘06, psychology), recipient of the Alumni of Notable Achievement award, is an educator, clinical psychologist, and professor. Her time in CLA has inspired her to guide students towards the career they seek. With impactful contributions to both education and clinical psychology, Goghair has a career marked by excellence and dedication.

What do you do professionally?

I am an educator, clinical psychologist, and professor.

How are you involved in the community?

Through my work with the University of Toronto, I run a Connaught PhD for Public Impact Fellowship program for graduate students.

How did your time in CLA inspire you to pursue your path?

It ingrained in me curiosity, service-orientedness, and a pursuit of excellence. I was inspired by my mentors in clinical psychology that I could achieve anything, and I learned of the value in training the next generation of scholars. Becoming a civically-oriented academic clinical psychologist seemed the perfect pathway. 

What is your favorite memory from your time as a student?

Spending time with peers at Sunday brunches before we would go to the lab and work. We definitely had a work hard, play hard theme.

What advice would you give to current CLA students?

Be yourselves, be kind to others, and pursue what you enjoy - success will come.

How do you spend your free time? What "fills your cup"?

I love to travel, read, watch foreign films, and eat delicious food with good company.

What was your reaction to receiving this award?

I was thrilled! To be recognized in this way by the school that inspires me is so rewarding and fulfilling.

What's next? What are your personal/professional goals for the next five years?

I hope to continue on the trajectory that I am on, and continue to train the next generation of scholars. I also want to keep myself open to new and different opportunities; hence, I have not planned too much. That said, I do have a personal goal to write a thriller book!

This story was edited by an undergraduate student.

Edited by Jennifer Nguyen

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