Frazier Receives Graduate and Professional Education Award

Image Pat Frazier

Congratulations to Patricia Frazier for receiving the University of Minnesota Award for Outstanding Contributions to Graduate and Professional Education

Each year, candidates who demonstrate excellence in contributing to high-quality graduate and professional education are nominated by their colleges for this award. Frazier has served as the Department of Psychology’s Director of Graduate Studies, has been a mentor to hundreds of students, and has advanced numerous initiatives to improve graduate education in psychology. Additionally, Frazier created the Patricia Frazier Overcoming Obstacles Scholarship for students to aid them in overcoming financial barriers that may otherwise prevent them from remaining enrolled and, therefore, achieving their academic and career goals.  As the director of the Stress and Trauma Lab, Frazier conducts high-impact research on the effects of stress and trauma. The online interventions she and her lab members developed to reduce stress and improve mental health helped the University of Minnesota students cope during the pandemic. Frazier has been at the forefront of this adaptation to online treatment in the field for more than a decade.   

Patricia Frazier, PhD, Distinguished McKnight University Teaching Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota.


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