Huelsnitz Awarded 2019 William and Dorothy Bevan Scholarship

Chloe Huelsnitz, doctoral candidate in social psychology is a 2019 recipient of the William and Dorothy Bevan Scholarship. She was selected by the American Psychological Foundation (APF) / Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (COGDOP) to receive $5,000 to support her dissertation work. 

The award letter quotes "The Foundation provides financial support for innovative research and programs that enhance the power of psychology to elevate the human condition and advance human potential both now and in generations to come. We hope that this scholarship both assists you with your current work and inspires future endeavors in the field of psychology."

Huelsnitz's dissertation project is titled "Social Control in Romantic Relationships: How Social Control Strategies and Perceptions of Partner Motives Affect Eating and Relational Behaviors Over Time." She is advised by Jeffry Simpson, Ph.D. and Alexander Rothman, Ph.D., both professors in the Department of Psychology.

Congratulations, Chloe!

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