Moin Syed’s Blog “Get Syeducated” Releases Its Latest Post on Preregistration

Headshot of Dr. Moin Syed

Moin Syed’s blog “Get Syeducated” is related to psychology, diversity, scientific reform, and open science. 

Syed wrote a recent blog post after attending a scientific meeting on preregistration. In this post, Syed explains the concept of preregistration, reflects on the meeting, and provides his observations on the topic. Syed argued that those criticizing preregistration are usually not fully informed on the subject and that before making public critiques, individuals should inform themselves first about it. He realizes that preregistration is not a tool that can fix all of the problems in science but can still be a tool individuals can put to good use, but we have “to actually want to make the improvements to our research that preregistration is supposed to facilitate.”

You can check out the whole version of his latest post “Preregistration: More Promises than Pitfalls” and subscribe to the blog to learn more about Syed’s updates!

Moin Syed, PhD, McKnight Presidential Chair and Professor, and Director of the NICE Research Group in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota. 

Composed by Madison Stromberg, communications assistant.

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