Psychology Department Presents at The 2022 Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference at Macalester College

The Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference is an annual research fair that gives undergraduate researchers across all of Minnesota the opportunity to present their research to the community.  This year, the conference was held at Macalester College. An impressive number of psychology students presented their research. The description of their projects and their mentors in the Department of Psychology can be viewed below.

  • Genetic Influences on Verbal Memory Efficiency Following a Minor Traumatic Brain Injury, Peter M Grund (BS)
  • Exploring the Relationship Between Variety of Past Experiences and Creative Ideation, Keelin Posson (BA) and Wilma Koutstaal (PSY Fac)
  • People Who Use the Word “Fat” in a Positive Way Feel More Pleasant and Less Anxious Than Those Who Use “Fat” in a Negative Way, Luke Miller (BA), Hannah Wickert (BS), Ayah Phuly (BS), and Whitney Fowlds
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities ​​Currently Incarcerated in Minnesota Prisons, Amna Dogar (BS)
  • N-back Task Progression and Proximal Generalizability: Cognitive Remediation Training Optimization, Helen Yu (BA)
  • Optimization and Generalizability of the Dot Pattern Expectancy Task, Sophia DePaulis (BS)
  • Measuring Partisanship: A Scale of Political Sectarianism, Nicolas Eide (BA) and Christopher Federico (PSY Fac) 
  • Conversations About Weight in Healthcare Settings and How It Relates to Patients' Trust, Alena F. Oxenham (BS), Erin C. Standen (Ph.D.), and Alexander J. Rothman (PSY Fac), University of Minnesota
  • COVID Weight Headlines: Changing Descriptive Norms about Weight Gain, Abigail Reineke (BS), Olivia Gore (BS), Julie Shian (BS), and Elaea Purmalietis (BS)
  • White Matter Response Predictors and Changes Associated With Ketamine Infusions in Treatment-Resistant Depression, Aparna Nair (BS), Kathryn R. Cullen, Bonnie Klimes-Dougan (PSY Fac)
  • Neuroticism and Health Outcomes: Some Forms of Neuroticism May Be Beneficial, Haley Lundeen (BS), University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • Machine-Learning and Human Creativity: Applying a Computational Semantic Distance Measure to Assess Perceptually-Prompted Divergent Thinking, Kunbo Lu (BA) and Wilma Koutstaal (PSY Fac), University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • Explicit Weight Bias and Injunctive Norms, Ananda Davenport (BS), Zach Powell (BS), and Krys Mustwillo 
  • Educational Commitment as a Predictor for High Conscientiousness in College Sample, Yuyang Zhao (BS) and Phuong Linh L. Nguyen (graduate student)
  • The Pursuit of Empathy: Scoping Review of the Conceptualizations & Assessments of “Empathy” Used in Developmental Science Research, Leif Douglas Anderson (BA)
  • Go Figure: Relating Divergent Thinking to the Nuances of Openness to Experience, Lucy Brown (BA) and Wilma Koutstaal (PSY Fac) 
  • Influence of Perceived Social Support on Impulsivity and Risk-Taking Behaviors, Emily Buss (BS) and Linh Nguyen (graduate student)
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