Wilson Quoted in Nature on Disparities in Depression Among Children

Headshot of Dr. Sylia Wilson

A recent Nature article titled, “Tackling the mental-health crisis in young people,” quotes Dr. Sylia Wilson, a principal investigator in the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research (MCTFR) in the Department of Psychology. The article highlights that there are significant gaps in the diagnosis and treatment of children and teenagers who experience depression, despite the fact that our awareness of the phenomenon has grown. 

Recent research has shown a spike in depression reported in children, particularly girls.  Wilson, who offered commentary on the study that published this finding, notes that the reasons for this disparity are not yet understood, thus contributing to gaps in diagnosis and treatment. 

Sylia Wilson, PhD,  Co-PI of the MCTFR, Assistant Professor, McKnight Land-Grant Professor at the Institute of Child Development

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